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  • Self-importance, versus discrimination
  • Discrimination, versus self-importance


Théun, please help me in clarifying my confusion. When is self-importance, self importance? How do you SEE self importance when it rears its ugly head - LOL.

To make an example: In the Living Room you find that topics are taking on an angle that in your (my) opinion take on a puerile direction and the tendency then is to withdraw. Is this self-importance? One of the apprentices in a recent Communique lashed out at what he/she sees as sheer idiocy (not his/her words) in the Living Room and begged not participate in the Living Room; self-importance or good discrimination? Where does one draw the line?

I am asking this because I have felt more or less the same as this apprentice, but thought that perhaps I was indulging in self importance.



:) Self-importance, my friend, is when you see yourself as being better than someone else. It is quite as simple as that! But what you are confusing is the difference between self-importance and discrimination. However, if you read the guidance I have just given one of your fellow apprentices this will become clear to you. Self-importance is not the same thing as discrimination. And refusing to RE-ACT to pettiness is also not the same thing as ACTING in an INTELLIGENT manner. What you need to learn is how to discriminate between what you wish to support, versus what you refuse to give credence to by participating.

With warm regards,