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  • Drugs (Hallucinogens), abuse of, consequences of


If the abuse of hallucinogenic drugs causes nervous system damage and marijuana is an hallucinogen of sorts, may I have suffered similar damage considering the fact I smoked my fair share?

I don't feel erratic or any of those uncontrolled emotional outbursts that are unchecked. I usually come to terms with my behavior rather quickly once understood. Before entering my HIATUS I might have said I had an extreme sense of memory capabilities (possibly photographic) and when I started smoking I didn't lose that for some time. Once lost, I was still capable of performing and functioning in college receiving honors status, unlike the stereotypical pothead who would sit in front of his television eating potato chips all day. In fact, while high , my friend and I would play chess, read many classic books (e.g Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival), hike in the everglades, play all sorts of sports (especially tennis), and even train for triathlons. Like I mentioned previously, I told myself to remember the way my sobriety worked before FALLING ASLEEP. I know I don't have the same sobriety I used to, but the more I live in the moment the more my sobriety, I once had, returns along with feelings and memories long forgotten. To be honest, I did experiment with other substances (hallucinogens included), but only to get an experience from which LESSON learned. From a young age my father told me that life is about experience and that one should experience it without getting lost in it. For example, when he first found out I smoked he told me that was fine, but also to remember that smoking isn't what life is about.


It sounds like on the one hand you are blaming your father for your smoking of pot, and on the other hand desperately defending yourself for having smoked pot. LMAO! WOW! You were a hero! Just look at what all you did with smoking pot! Maybe we should ALL be smoking pot! <ebwg>

Marijuana is a very mild hallucinogen, and therefore you have to consume it in great quantities to damage the nervous system. The damage I am referring to comes from the use of hard drugs. But even marijuana, if consumed for long enough, will eventually do damage, for the use of drugs is cumulative in the body.

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