Foxes, the, versus the Wolves from Warriors' Experience

  • Foxes, the, versus the Wolves
  • Wolves, the, versus the Foxes


Théun, my questions are:

What does being a Fox determine about the true nature of my service?

And, what does being a Female Fox <g> determine about the true nature of my service?

Do you have idea about why I landed up in the middle of a pack of very love-able Wolves?

With all my love,


LOL! As you ask this question in relation to the Wolves I will answer your question in that vein.

There is MUCH truth in the old tales of foxes and wolves. In these tales the wolves are always either the bad guys or else the stupid guys. Even in modern films featuring foxes and wolves, the foxes are always the heroes whilst the wolves get the bad PR. LOL!

To understand these tales it is important to know that the Wolf is a deeply passionate creature and, when not yet "domesticated" to the ways of the One Life, quite destructive in his zeal for freedom. The Fox, on the other hand, being a much smaller creature than his canine friend, the Wolf, UNDER-STANDS full well the wisdom expressed in the statement, "Discretion is by far the better part of valour." LOL! So, unlike the Wolf who is only too eager to race into battle with a frenzied blood-lust and jaws snapping, the Fox prefers to remain calm and inconspicuous so as to first ascertain the ADVANTAGE points within the battle. Then once the advantage points have been ascertained, out trots the Fox with bushy tail held high and whiskers bristling, scampers up a tree, waits for the next unsuspecting "victim" to come along, and HEY-HO, AMBUSH! LOL! Now this is NOT to say that the Fox is a coward, and nor is it to infer that the Fox is a devious creature. No! Not at all! The Fox is simply, and quite ingeniously so, making the BEST possible USE of his MIND in throwing into the battle, so to speak, his MAXIMUM "weight" in terms of his small body and mass! After all, the Wolf can quite happily bring down a horse in battle, whereas the tiny Fox would simply get trampled by the horse's hooves!

So to put all of the above into more perspective, the Wolf is all passion, whereas the Fox is CARE-FULL! But at the end of the day, is there REALLY all that much difference between passion and care? Possibly only in DEGREE, and then only if one is wanting to be pedantic. Being pedantic one could argue that whilst the Wolf is full of passion for the One Life, the Fox is full of care for its SURVIVAL! In other words, the Wolf can be seen as being SELF-LESS, whereas the Fox is SELF-ISH. But is this really true?

The answer lies in what we understand by the word SELF-ISH. The word "selfish" is not to be confused with the word "self-centred" which means being egotistical. Instead selfish means that we bring everything back to the self and make it about the self. In other words, rather than making demands upon life, we strive to be the most impeccable and creative that we can be in order to accomplish our aims. This in turn implies that we take great CARE with everything we do, and this IN-DEED is what the Fox does. This also then demonstrates why from the perspective of the Fox, discretion is of such vital importance. Unlike the Wolf who will rush in where angels fear to tread, the Fox first studies his options with great CARE, and then proceeds to execute them with as much CARE! In all of this the Fox is aiming to survive, for he knows full well that a dead Fox is no good to anyone, least of all to himself.

From the above it follows that the Fox is actually a very self-sufficient being, and therefore unlike his canine friend, the Wolf, who prefers to move in a pack, the Fox is by nature a LONE creature, but not in the sense of being separative, but merely in being self-sufficient. This then brings us to another point concerning the Fox. In his natural self-sufficiency, the Fox is also a deep thinker, and thus naturally gravitates towards RESEARCHING how BEST to achieve his aims within life. So whereas the Wolf learns through trial and error, the Fox much prefers to INVESTIGATE his options in a very clearly defined and scientific manner, saving his personal power for ACTION once he is clear on his strategy. The Wolf simply ACCEPTS his experiences and moves on from there, even if the experience leaves him limping badly. The Fox, on the other hand, being extremely aware of his fragile existence, detests having to take unnecessary risks, and will therefore go out of his way to ensure that he at least understands full well what is transpiring within his life before he is willing to risk his tail. As such the Fox is the "clever" one, whilst the Wolf hardly ever pauses to consider the possible consequences to himself.

This in a nutshell is the story of the Fox versus that of the Wolf. :) If you ponder what I have shared here you will begin to see that the Fox serves by applying his naturally investigative mind to the workings of life. In other words, the Fox best serves in terms of applying his MIND to the many challenges that confront us within life.

As Fox and Wolf etc. pertain to the class of Dreamer we belong to, there is NO difference in terms of gender, for the Dreamer is both male and female.

You ask why you find yourself in amongst a pack of Wolves?

LOL! I would say that either the Wolves are being VERY tolerant, or else you are being VERY brave! <ww> But all jokes aside, I find it to be extremely significant in terms of where we are at with respect to history. This is the time of the Foxes beginning to come into their own, but from what I have shared above, and coupled with history, what this shows us, is that there is MUCH for the Fox to learn from his courageously self-less canine friend, the Wolf. In other words, the wise Fox will not throw the baby away with the bath water, but will instead take from the GOOD in the Wolf and bring that into the future in his own unique way as Fox.

I trust I have answered your questions in a helpful manner.

With all my love,