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Observing the world economic situation and the continuing scarcity of jobs would it be wise to finish my Bachelors degree considering I made it up to the middle of my junior year? Finishing my formal education would not be hard, but would it be WORTH it? Just having an A.A. limits the quantity and quality of jobs I'm considered for, and my present employer (school system) has just cut 163 million from the budget in the state of Hawaii. Moreover, two weeks ago a colleague informed me that there was a district meeting in regards to the skills trainer position being eradicated altogether - she told me this saying that I am one of the better trainers and that I should become proactive. I have been looking for a way out of the school system based on what you said to another apprentice and her experiences in such. In truth, I am really interested in distributing/selling the lasers, but it takes time to get a business up and running let alone the surplus of financial stability on my side. If you see this as a possible venture of the near future, I could find other ways for income and when everything is ready I WILL make it WORK.

Always appreciative of the guidance given


Normally I would encourage people to complete unfinished degrees, but with where the world situation is at I see little point in you doing this. We are heading into times where people with degrees will NOT find suitable employment, simply because they are considered to be too expensive. So I must stress once again that what is FAR wiser is to start your own business. In doing this you MUST ensure that the service you render, or the product you sell, is something which people will ALWAYS need, in that it is NOT a luxury, but a NECESSITY. And this is true across the board today. For example, even the computer industry which USED to be a very viable option for a lot of people, is today becoming VERY refined, and hence the NEED, if you are in this field, to upgrade your skills in this area if you hope to maintain your income. Today we have computer technologists and software developers by the TENS of THOUSANDS, and so unless you are a VERY high-end developer, your financial future is most insecure. If, on the other hand, you are GOOD in developing cutting edge computer technology you will be assured of income in the future, for the world today is dependent upon computers. But your average run of the mill Joe who can tinker with computers to a greater or lesser extent will soon become redundant.

The lasers is a very good option. However, we have run into a brick wall in Moscow. LOL! Once Sotirios met with the head of the corporation we were hoping to do a deal with, it immediately became obvious that no-one was on the same page, whether this had been intentional, which with Russians is perfectly possible, LOL, or unintentional. Anyway the moral of the story is that I said no to the contract they wanted us to sign. So now we are looking for other lasers within Russia, of which there are plenty, by the way! There is also the possibility of us getting several other excellent products, but we need to find them and then strike the deals.

What happened is that when Communism started to fall apart, MANY scientists who were working for the Soviet government at that time, and often in top secret research centres, saw the writing on the wall, and so took what technology they could lay their hands on and left. There are today plenty of these people in Russia who wish to earn an income, and who are therefore desperate to do business. But obviously, because of the nature of their wares they have to act with extreme caution. We are in contact with some of these people, and Sotirios is still in Moscow, so hold thumbs that we get what we are looking for. LOL! I am enjoying the game. With Russians, <ww>, it is always a game of sorts, and you never know what is waiting just around the corner! Invariably, it is always either a BARGAIN, or else it is an AMBUSH! LOL!

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