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Theun, will you please comment on and help me fill in the BLANK for my dream interpretation? I will use the format that you used in Cry of the Eagle:


I was spending time in the University Centre building at my university with this man who reminded me of the employee at the photography studio who took my graduation photos. The weight room at the university centre was open but the workers were on strike and considering relocating to somewhere in the United States where they could make more money. This man and I spent a lot of time together in a very large room. At one point he pushed me out of the room and closed the door. I could still see him through a window in the door at my eye level. He grabbed a golf ball, put it down on some kind of mat, then hit it with a golf club to my left. All I could see through the window was him so the ball vanished after he hit it. After his swing, I walked back in. He gave to me and my friend- I only now realized that I had a friend with me- a beautiful, high quality protective cover for our stop watches that we could leave on our stop watches even while using them. There were different things written in places where you would normally see "split/reset", "mode", "stop/start" on a stop watch. I don't remember the new words. The overall feeling was neither positive nor negative. No colours stand out in my memory.


I am holding onto a view of the world common to people who have gone to university (University Centre). To learn about this, I need to recapitulate my time spent at university (graduation photo). If I'm going to "exercise" my spiritual "muscles" or abilities I must work without direct supervision (weights available but no trainers). By doing so I will find a larger view of the world (in large room with man). It will only be possible (door) to change my vision (window) by reaching far into the left side (golf is a long-range sport) with a sharp degree of effort applied very swiftly and very accurately (Tool- golf club- requires force, accuracy, and speed). Both I and my dreamer or another aspect of myself must use with humility and understanding (2 gifts) BLANK......

Theun, do you know what the gifts represented?


LOL! I have absolutely NO idea what the gifts represent. They are not universal symbols, and it is YOUR dream! Not mine! Sorry, my friend. But your argument is with your Dreamer for having used symbols that, according to your Dreamer, you SHOULD know! I didn't give you the dream, so you cannot argue with me. LOL! But I think I can give you a clue. What does a stop-watch represent for YOU? And covers for stop-watches? And then the indifferent feeling when you woke up? <wg>

If you ask me, I would say this is how you live, on and then off. Even beautiful "covers" is NOT going to stop you from living this way, for clearly you are indifferent to the guidance given to you. LOL!

And, by the way, you have still not acknowledged receipt of my last private email to you. I suggest you check your junk box. Looking at this dream of yours it seems more than likely that you will find my email in your junk box. LOL!

With much laughter,