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Theun, I wrote the letter below over the last several days. Today I re-read it and now I think I missed the boat again. But I'll send it to you anyway :) . In working with your guidance, my feelings and letters from other apprentices, every time I stumble over my perception of science. But once the gates are open, all kinds of weird ideas started to pop up :) . So, the letter below is somewhat like throwing a large net to see if I will catch something of value.


Purpose of science is to bring light and hope but it does so in a very particular way. Science dis-covers mysteries. The first step is to bring the Unknown to light and separate it into parts. Once the mechanics of the parts is clear, scientists use the parts to build something new and practical be it nuclear reactor or fiber optics. The second step is to use heart to discriminate between what supports life and what destroys life. Unfortunately, being absorbed in separating parts, scientists can no longer remember WHY they started to separate.

We need to bring science back to Life. Not so much in sense of creating a New Science, but rather in sense of helping scientists to RE-MEMBER their true role and purpose.

The problem lies in the substitution of wisdom that SOLVES real-life problems with intellectual abstraction that only REFLECTS life. Although the reflection is necessary, for such is the requirement of rational mind, we started to IDENTIFY Life with the reflections and forgot why we created the reflections.

Modern day science is so much like Castalia depicted by Herman Hesse in his novel "The Glass Bead Game". Formally, funding agencies (NASA and National Science Foundation in my case) do encourage scientists to research socially significant phenomena (climate change, deforestation, desertification, air pollution etc), but the only required outcome is more and more academic papers that are forever locked up in books and journals. The results of my research never reach those people who suffer from droughts, floods or deserts consuming their crop lands.

I ask myself: What can I do?

Make my education practical. LIVE my academic training, turn it into KNOWLEDGE and open it for everyone to use. Seek intelligent co-operation with Life. Understand what people truly need. And in doing so, prepare myself for the coming challenges when air-filled researchers will be out in the streets looking job (collapse of Soviet Union demonstrated just that). Bring as many as I can to stand and 'face the Sun'.

But still, this is just redecorated Known. What I need most of all, is to SEE for myself how everything interacts in this world. I want to SEE how Sun gives warmth, how plants grow, how water and air connects everything. If I will collect enough personal power and become a Seer, can I perceive the World's inner working without satellites, rain gauges and thermometers? Or the Physical World can only be accessed from within the Physical Reality?

It is hard to express, but I want to TOUCH and FEEL the SOURCE. How else can I translate the Toltec wisdom into Science if I am not well versed in BOTH languages? How can I give something to people if I don't have it?


My friend, I well understand your frustration, but you must ACCEPT that you are a scientist and NOT a seer. :) Yes, if you were a seer with your knowledge of science, you WOULD learn far more from seeing than from your instruments. This is true. However, you are NOT a seer, and not likely to be in this lifetime. LOL! It takes literally LIFETIMES to train a seer, much, much longer than it takes to train a TRUE warrior. And by TRUE warrior I mean just that - not virtual warriors and book warriors. LOL!

Seeing involves having ALL of the Head Centres active, including a hidden head centre which even medical science has not yet discovered. But...........the FIRST step in training a warrior is to get the person concerned to THINK straight, let alone anything else. Learning to think straight means getting OUT of the rational mind, dismantling your view of the world, getting rid of your self-image, breaking the fixation of your assemblage point, and learning to align the Throat Centre properly so as to channel TRUE mind, rather than being STUCK in the rational mind. Once this much has been accomplished it then becomes POSSIBLE to open the Heart Centre properly. Then the next step is to raise all the ENERGY from the Throat Centre to the Heart Centre. Only after this, and this in itself can take several lifetimes, does it become possible to start opening the Head Centres. Then once the Head Centres start becoming fully functional, which again takes several lifetimes, they have to be gradually co-ordinated with the Heart Centre so as to work in synthesis with one another. Only then do you have a seer!

So. As you can see from the above, seeing is not quite as simple as WISHING you can see. LOL! But also from the above it should be clear to you where your IMMEDIATE challenge lies. Your immediate challenge is to learn to think straight, meaning that you must get OUT of the rational mind and learn to access TRUE mind! People think that I am being rude when I point out to them that they cannot think! But I am NOT being rude. I am merely pointing out what is fact. But the problem is that people are so completely IDENTIFIED with RATIONALISATION that they believe this IS thinking! But it is NOT thinking! However, all TRUE scientists, that is, the ones that are creative and innovative, ARE thinkers in the true sense of the word, for they DO access true mind. Accessing true mind, as I explain in Volume V, is what is termed INSPIRATION. But what people normally call inspiration is nothing more than becoming excited about a new rationalisation! LOL!

The rational mind is nothing but a computer! It in itself CANNOT think, anymore than your computer can think. But true MIND does think, and all such thinking is in the nature of INSPIRATION that is the result of MIND having been fertilised by the HEART. In other words, true THINKING is the CONCEPTION of something mapped out from the Unknown and termed VISION. We simply call this a NEW concept coming from inspiration leading to vision. To grasp this realise that the whole issue surrounding seeing versus inspiration is intimately related to what is termed VISION. Please study this in the archive under "Seeing, three types of vision within;" for this will throw much light for you on this subject. In other words, what I am saying is that although seeing is beyond you right now, both inspiration as well as vision IS something you can cultivate in this lifetime.

So, to be clear. You are right now like a small boy sitting in his cot, crying because he wants to stand up, climb out of his cot and walk. Sitting in your cot you have heard the tales of power, and now you too want to participate in the making of those tales, but you cannot yet stand up. But realise that no amount of crying is going to make you stand up and walk. If you want to walk, then you are going to have to firstly, WILL yourself to stand up; secondly, BELIEVE that you CAN stand up; and thirdly, PRACTISE until finally you DO stand up. From there walking more or less follows automatically. You did this as a small child, like all of us, and this NOW is no different. :)

My friend, in all of this I have shown you the way forward, and the keywords are; WILL, BELIEVE, PRACTISE. :) These three words are truly words of power, for IF you APPLY them in your daily life, they carry within them the POWER to unlock your godlike magical powers as MAN, a co-creator made in the image of the Unspeakable. But the problem is that people want shortcuts and magic wands, for they do not WILL, and they do not BELIEVE, and therefore they never PRACTISE. So forget about seeing. One day, you WILL see, when the time is right for you do so. But right NOW your immediate challenge lies in using what IS at your disposal - WILL, BELIEF and PRACTISE.

My friend, I see in you GREAT potential, and I BELIEVE that you CAN do it. The question is, are you WILL-ing to stand up and walk? :)

With my warmest regards,