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I have a question pertaining to the Animal Kingdom.

The social conditioning of killing roaches is strong in the western world and my mother was extremely terrified of them. I don't use roach motels or any other type of sprays considering my dislike of chemical pesticides; however, I regularly get geckos in my apartment that, I am sure, eat the roach species that shares my home. I have no air conditioning so the geckos feel right at home here, which is good since they are welcomed. Occasionally, I will find a roach upstairs, in and around our bedrooms, and I give chase either flicking it downstairs back into the living room or catching it with a napkin squishing the bug beyond repair. When I do kill one I say a small pray in respects to the ONE LIFE or if the roach is cunning I leave it alone.

Geckos are a great biological means of pest control, but their frequency doesn't circumvent the reproduction rate of the roach species I see in my home. It is not like I have a severe infestation, so I don't mind an occasional sighting, I just don't want it to get out of control - that's why I give chase.

What is the Toltec perspective on pest control in homes? Moreover, is killing them with a napkin, at times, a bad thing to do?

This may seem like a pointless question, but I just want to get a better grasp of how to share my LIFE with other creatures who are sharing theirs with ME.


Insects and cold-blooded creatures such as geckos do not belong to the animal kingdom. Instead they belong to the inorganic life-stream. What this means is that there are a great many PHYSICAL ENTITIES to one Dreamer of these creatures. Because man is INDIVIDUALISED every man and woman has a Dreamer, but not so with life-forms that are not yet individualised. The animals that are ready to individualise soon are the domestic animals, meaning, dogs, cats, horses and elephants. These animals today have TWO physical incarnations to one Dreamer. In other words, there are two dogs to one Dreamer, two elephants, etc. However, when it comes to creatures such as insects, there are literally THOUSANDS of incarnations to the one Dreamer, or awareness.

Roaches and flies, especially, are EXTREMELY old life-forms that evolve VERY slowly, and therefore even if you killed a hundred roaches all at once, and provided they all belong to the one Dreamer, that Dreamer would only vaguely notice a loss of sorts. But as these very slow evolving life-forms also reincarnate rapidly, that is within a matter of WEEKS, it is for the Dreamer of the roaches only a mild and temporary inconvenience! LOL! So don't feel bad about killing them. Quite besides which, these creatures belong in the WILDS, and NOT in our homes! Therefore in their OWN environment, provided they do not threaten our survival, these creatures should be respected and allowed to live their lives as they will. But they have no more right to invade our homes than squatters do! If a squatter moved into your home you would evict him or her, so why tolerate this abuse from roaches? LOL!

The same goes for the geckos. But the geckos only move into your home because the roaches are for them food. So if you are happy with the geckos eating the roaches, then that is fine, for it is then a symbiotic relationship between you and the geckos. But if you DON'T want the geckos in your home either, then get rid of the roaches, and the geckos too will leave. So, in other words, if you wish to be FAIR, meaning IMPECCABLE, then your challenge lies with the roaches, and NOT with the geckos. So there is no need to kill the geckos.

Having said all this I must just clarify one point though, and this concerns bees and ants. Although you also do not need to tolerate bees and ants in your home, you must nevertheless realise that bees and ants are EXTRAORDINARY life-forms. Both bees and ants belong to an extremely RARE and HIGHLY evolved life-form known as the HIVE MIND. Toltecs know VERY little about these life-forms, for they are EXTREMELY complex and also nothing like we understand life and awareness to be. All we really know is that a hive of bees, or a nest of ants, has a Dreamer, and this Dreamer incarnates as ONE MIND in the form of the Queen bee or the Queen ant. But each hive of bees or nest of ants consists of millions of BODIES, called bees or ants respectively. These BODIES, although each body is a PHYSICAL life of sorts, has an intelligence much like a CELL in the body of man, and is directed by the controlling intelligence of the Queen, which ROUGHLY, not exactly, but roughly, equates with the physical brain of man. In other words, if you can imagine a man, fully intelligent and aware, but with his entire physical body being separated out into its individual cells and each cell being free to move about on the physical plane, then you have a picture of what we term the Hive Mind, the physical BRAIN of which is the Queen bee or the Queen ant. It is truly an INCREDIBLE life-form, having NO resemblance to anything we understand as being life on the physical plane! As such Toltecs look upon the Hive Mind with no small amount of awe, for it is an intelligence we just do NOT understand as of yet. In many ways it resembles true GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS within the inorganic life-stream!

With warm regards,