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Because dogs have a Dreamer to two physical incarnations, would that explain why, when my male dalmatian (Buttons) died, my female dog (Maxine) deteriorated shortly thereafter?

I had Buttons since he was a young pup, but Maxine showed up on my door step nudging her self against my sister's boyfriend of the time, by jumping into his back seat when he was working on his car in front of my house. She instantly got along with my family members, most especially with Buttons (who was older by then). However, Buttons died in his early teens of Kidney Failure, and as soon as Maxine noticed he wasn't coming back, at first, she tried to run away when I took her out one day for extra attention, knowing her loved one was gone (and to help myself also cope with the loss of a good friend). I was able to stalk her back into the car and bring her home. Not long after this, she lost the use of both back legs causing her to drag them across the floor with the remaining power of the front two. Then one day my Father said he found her with a broken neck after getting caught in between a spot in the fence from which, with her failing strength, she struggled in a way that caused her neck to break.

It seemed to me that after Buttons died she lost the WILL to live.

Thank You


Because I never met your two dogs I cannot say for sure, but from what you explain it could well be that Buttons and Maxine had one Dreamer. But whether it was true or not, the story of how Maxine came to you is nevertheless a beautiful story. :) I too have never chosen any of my dogs, and I have had many dogs in my life. My dogs have always chosen me, and have also always "told" me what their names are! LOL! Tessa, my fiercest Bull Mastiff is the most striking example of what I mean.

I was not looking for another dog when Tessa came into my life. In fact I was busy restoring Warriors' Keep and was looking for SCAFFOLDING, LOL, in a newspaper. Quite by "chance" Russell saw an advertisement for a Bull Mastiff puppy, and immediately my feelings said that this puppy was waiting for me. When I phoned the telephone number given it turned out that the photograph in the newspaper was NOT Tessa's but that of one of her brothers. The breeder explained to me that Tessa is already three months old but because she is so ugly no-one wanted her. She was the last of her litter and the breeder was scared that if she advertised a photograph of Tessa she would not be able to sell her. Once I heard the story I KNEW that Tessa had been waiting for me, and bought her straight away.

A few days later Tessa flew to Cape Town, and was instantly adopted by all the personnel at the airport when she arrived. By the time I got her back to Warriors' Keep she had "told" me that her name is Tessa, and that she is the boss! And to this day she is the boss! LOL! Even Ralph, who is the alpha male amongst the five dogs at the Temple, has a very healthy respect for Tessa's command! LOL! And, needless to say, Tessa has ALL the humans at the Temple very WELL trained! Furthermore, Tessa has grown up to be quite the most beautiful Bull Mastiff lady, now that she has learned to do her "make-up" properly! <g> But then Tessa has always found that female stuff is extremely boring and tedious, for her philosophy in life is that anything a male can do, she can do better! So make-up is a not a priority on her list of daily activities. It is MUCH more exciting to guard the family and to bite everyone of whom she is suspicious. LOL!

So the moral of Tessa's story is that she was VERY determined to find her way to me and the Warrior's Path in this lifetime. Born a warrior dog, she even made herself very ugly so that no-one would buy her before me. Her Dreamer knew that I would recognise an "ugly" DOG, and made the breeder advertise in the same newspaper I bought for finding scaffolding. LOL!

With much warmth and laughter,