Laziness from Warriors' Experience

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Theun I am stuck and seem not to know what to do to move forward. Perhaps I am getting too comfortable with things as they are. My recapitulation has stopped, and I am not contributing in the Living Room either.

Is it the proverbial kick in the but that I need?


I am afraid that you have the dreaded and incurable killer disease that every human being is born with. In some people it remains dormant for the entire duration of their lives, but in others it becomes active in their teens, and once active only a miracle or a dire sense of need can cure it. It first attacks the physical body, then the emotions and finally the mind. By the time it has infected the mind the rot caused by this disease is more or less permanent. The dreadful disease will take its course, gradually reducing the person concerned into an utterly useless lump of flesh that has lost all self-respect, and who can only think of one thing and one thing only - parking off in front of the television watching mindless programs in between stuffing his face with endless junk food and complaining about life, most especially about his lack of motivation due to the disease. However, although the disease kills people slowly, it fortunately numbs the mind and the nervous system as it does so, so at least the sufferer never has any pain.

This dreadful disease is commonly known as LAZINESS! If you can muster the strength, which is doubtful, as you seem to have a very advanced stage of this disease, you may wish to read about it in the archive. In that way you will at least be informed of the truly horrible way in which you are going to meet your maker. Our maker, incidentally, is never too pleased with us when we have succumbed to this disease, so don't expect a happy reunion with your maker.

My friend, I send you my most sincere condolences, for you don't have much longer to guzzle oxygen. I suggest that you start saying your fond farewells to everyone you know. In order to ease the sense of loss and the emotional pain of knowing what a wonderful and a rich life you could have had as a warrior, had it not been for your great misfortune, you should take three heaped tablespoons of self-pity at least three times per day.

It has been nice knowing you. :)