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Dear All,

As sex seems to have raised its head, as it always does, sooner or later, LOL, I felt it may be expedient to share a few words with you all.

Please remember that the sexual energy is the only energy within the universe, and therefore whether we are aware of it or not, we use the sexual energy ALL the time no matter what it is we are doing. In other words, the sexual energy does not only surface when you are feeling sexually excited. LOL!

The reason WHY you feel sexually excited at times and not sexually excited at other times, is because of where the sexual energy is being focused at the time. And by this I mean the electro-magnetic centre that is PREDOMINANT at the time.

MOST people tend to have their energy centred in the Solar Plexus Centre, and hence the highly emotional state of most people. Quite a lot of people today also fluctuate between the Solar Plexus Centre and the Throat Centre, by moving their energy up and down between these two centres. Because the Throat Centre controls, amongst other things, the rational mind, these people alternate between being very rational the one moment and then very emotional the next moment whenever the energy drops back down to the Solar Plexus Centre. And then there are the very FEW people as of yet who have their energy centred in the Heart Centre, which is where it SHOULD be centred for man.

This is why Toltecs place so much importance on learning to listen to the heart and acting from the heart. So everything you are taught on the Warrior’s Path, whether you are aware of this or not, is aimed at helping you to gradually raise the energy up from the lower centres to the Heart Centre.

When you become sexually excited your energy drops down to the Sacral Centre, which is the centre that controls animal instinct, including the desire to procreate the species and therefore the desire to engage in sexual activity.

So as you can see, it is not exactly a very desirable state of affairs to have your energy bouncing around all over the place between the various centres, for this makes of you a very UNSTABLE person who can hardly be said to be in control of your state of being, let alone your thoughts and your emotions. The aim of the warrior is to be in FULL control at ALL times, so as NOT to be a victim of his own instincts, emotions and rational mind. But in order to do this it is imperative that you come to understand WHAT makes you BEHAVE in the way in which you do, for WITHOUT this understanding you have NO hope of ever being able to control your animal instincts, emotions and rational mind.

I point this out because of the grave danger of SUPPRESSING and DENYING the NATURAL expression of energy, and as there is only ONE energy this means the sexual energy. Suppressing or denying the sexual energy leads to endless problems of a great many different manifestations.

So rather than seeing your sexual excitement as being BAD, and therefore having to be circumvented in some way, which then only leads to eventual suppression, you SHOULD be actively working WITH it in trying to understand it fully, and how it can be channelled and directed. In other words, STOP feeling BAD about your sexual energy. The sexual energy is NOT bad, and neither should it be suppressed.

So, for example, E, the next time you become all horny and get your knickers into a knot because of seeing a half naked pretty, flow WITH the experience so as to see WHERE it leads you to. By this I am NOT saying that you should try your best to bed every pretty woman you see, or indulge in wanking whilst fantasising about bedding her. LOL! No. Instead I am saying that there is nothing BAD about our experiences. ALL our experiences are there for us to LEARN from. It is only our MOTIVES which make experiences “good” or “bad.” But if your MOTIVE is wanting to LEARN about yourself and your behaviour, then you will also NOT engage in activities which you KNOW are not life-supportive to you or the other person concerned.

Furthermore, please realise that physical beauty, or more precisely, sexual attraction, as in the human body, has a very definite purpose, in that without physical beauty, that is, sexual attraction, we would not be sexually stimulated into wanting to procreate. In other words, there comes a point in the life of the warrior where he is so in control of his instincts, his emotions and his rational mind, because of his DEEP understanding of himself, that he can literally FEAST his eyes upon physical beauty, experience ALL the emotional and mental PLEASURE associated with that sexual attraction, but without feeling the need to consummate it in terms of physical sex. In other words, the sexual desire has become TRANSMUTED into INSPIRATION, which is a quality of the Heart Centre. And this is exactly what tends to happen for married couples.

Married couples, provided the relationship is a good and healthy relationship, sooner or later reach a stage within their relationship when getting to know each other and themselves, becomes more important than the physical desire for sex. From that moment on they start to INSPIRE one another, rather than being MOTIVATED by one another into sexual activity.

Finally, from what I have shared above it should now also be clear to you why there is no such thing as love at first sight. LOL! True LOVE is the sexual energy expressing itself through the Heart Centre, and as such it has not got too much to do with DESIRE which is an expression of the sexual energy originating from the Sacral Centre. So when you meet a pretty girl, E, and feel all horny, you would be a liar if you told her you love her! For if you are feeling all horny you know EXACTLY where your energy is centred, and it is NOT in the Heart Centre! LOL! And this, by the way, also applies to your fiancé! This is precisely WHY most people are so very confused between what is LOVE and what is merely sexual desire, or LURVE, as I call it!

So before you get married, all you wanna-be warriors out there who are on the verge of putting the noose around your necks, first ask yourselves whether you want to be collared, LOL, for LOVE or for LURVE?

Have fun, but please DO be good! <ww> I TRUST you to be RESPONSIBLE ADULTS who can take CARE in your own learning. Only irresponsible children burn their fingers when Daddy or Mommy is not looking.

With much warmth and laughter,