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  • Inorganic, the, the substance of form
  • Dream, the, madness of, caught in the


I believe my last request for guidance got lost in transmission or this is an instance where the unspoken word is as powerful as the spoken word. LOL Its funny, two days after I sent the request I had a dream with someone from subscription support and they told me if you don't respond within two days to resend it. LOL Obviously, I didn't listen to the dream considering I waited for the new installment of the communiques, and that is when I noticed mine was missing. If the request didn't transmit here it is again:

I would like to know more about the inorganic life stream. From my perspective on reading your books and articles, it seems that this life stream is the substance of the form, along with different life expressions who incarnate as a great many physical bodies to one Dreamer, and there are also inorganic beings that rob careless mediums of their personal power.

Could you please expound on this topic?


My dear friend, it does indeed appear that your last request for guidance was lost in transmission.

The inorganic life-stream is the indwelling life of all forms of matter. But realise that matter is NOT only the substance we look upon as being matter. What is commonly viewed as being matter is but what Toltecs term dense physical matter. Everything in the manifested universe is matter, including thoughts, emotions and even what scientists call space. Space is not just empty space as is assumed. Instead space is a living entity, known to Toltecs as Fohat, except that the matter composing it is so rare, so fine, that our physical bodies and out space craft can pass through it.

All of matter is alive and conscious, in that it has an indwelling intelligence of its own, and it too is evolving its awareness. For example, our physical bodies are composed of organs, cells and ultimately atoms. Every atom within our body is alive, intelligent and conscious. Groups of atoms make up cells, and groups of cells make up organs. Our physical body as a whole, and as biologists are beginning to discover, has its own innate intelligence and evolution, albeit not an intelligence we can directly relate to. Our minds too are composed of manasic atoms which, like the atoms of our physical body, also have life, intelligence and consciousness. And so too with our emotions and with the luminous cocoon of man. Collectively these four bodies of man, all composed of matter of varying degrees of density, are what is termed the TONAL of man, and the tonal has a very definite life, intelligence and consciousness of its own. But this consciousness is antithetical to the organic life utilising it, for the tonal belongs to the inorganic life-stream and has therefore a different purpose to that of the organic life-stream. It is for this reason why Toltecs teach that it is imperative for man to wake up from the dream in which he is fully identified with the form, and to stop identifying with the form.

Whilst you remain identified with the form, with the tonal, you are the slave of your tonal. This is why people THINK they are their physical bodies, and why they cannot control their emotions, much less their minds. In fact people THINK they ARE their minds, when in reality they are but the slaves of their minds. So the harsh reality of, let us say, Toltec Legacy, is that you are mostly a bunch of minds THINKING that you are the REAL you interacting with me. LOL! But from my perspective you are so many minds, so many tonals, whom I am trying to lead to FREEDOM from identification with the form, with the tonal. But can you see the apparent contradiction in this?

Who am I trying to lead to freedom? I cannot lead your tonals to freedom because your tonals belong to the inorganic life-stream. Yet, because the real you is asleep, fully identified with your tonals, I have to try and wake you, by appealing to your tonals to ALLOW you to wake up. I do this in two ways. Firstly, I speak to your minds, to your tonals, by using the teachings for the right side. And in this I try to impress upon your tonals, through your MINDS, that unless the real YOU wakes up, your tonals too will never rise above where they are at right now. Secondly, I speak directly to your HEARTS, by using the teachings for the left side. But as of yet you cannot hear me fully when I bring to you the teachings for the left side. You but stir in vague recognition of a truth you cannot yet grasp, but still you sleep on, and your minds remain in control. Only once you can begin to hear your own HEARTS, and therefore also your Dreamers, can you begin to grasp enough of what I am saying to you on the left side to spur you on into waking up fully. Until then I speak, and your Dreamer speaks, but for you it is but a vague recognition of something beyond your grasp. You prefer to sleep, and to go about life upon the physical plane as slaves of your tonals. But in your sleep you believe your dream to be true. You believe you ARE your tonal, and therefore free. You believe that the madness brought about by your fellow men also being asleep but THINKING they are awake and in control of their lives to be reality. And hence you believe that the madness of the dream is being awake. But this IS the madness! You are NOT awake! You live a dream, a mad dream, and you call this reality!

With respect to Dreamers the inorganic life-stream is much the same as the organic life-stream, in that the least evolved have a great many individuals to one Dreamer, whereas the more highly evolved have fewer individuals to one Dreamer. The most highly evolved inorganic life-forms have likewise INDIVIDUALISED, in that they too have only one individual to one Dreamer. The most highly evolved inorganic beings are what are known as the Archangels. The Archangels are the equivalent of the Guardians of the Race within the inorganic life-stream.

With warm regards,