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Thank you Theun for your guidance concerning communities and for sharing about your own personal experiences of such.

I have a question about deja vu and what are the reasons we experience those moments. Lately, my wife and I have been having many of these. At one point I had an experience where it seemed like I had a deja vu of a deja vu, this is the only way I can explain what I felt.

There is something else that I have been experiencing as of late. I'm not really sure if these experiences have happened before walking the Path of Freedom (if they did I didn't pay heed to them), but lately they have become more frequent with greater intensity. What I see are really bright colorful stars streaking across my vision, some are tiny and others golf ball size. The golf ball sized ones do not streak and stay still for around 1 to 2 seconds just outside my line of sight. For that matter, all of these lights never appear directly in front of my eyes. For example, if I am sitting and talking with my wife, looking in her eyes, then next to her head one of these lights might appear and stay idle or streak in any direction. The colors are like gold or silver.

I am also pleased to hear about the latest developments towards a Toltec approach in business. I am still holding thumbs. LOL And, I would like to add that my wife was a Sales Coordinator of the Latin American division of a medical supply company. She may still have contacts in South America if you are interested in pursuing those markets. She hasn't spoken to them in a little more than a year, but from her perspective she built good relationships with her clients on more than a business level. Actually, one had told her if she was going to visit Columbia (her country of origin) then she has a place to stay. Incidentally, this job is the one where a fellow co-worker gave her volume V to keep, so I could read it.

Thank you


Deja vu is not at all as mystical as it sounds. It is brought about when the two hemispheres of the brain are slightly out of sync, for whatever reason. When this happens the RIGHT hemisphere, which is the hemisphere which registers FEELING, is the first to register what is being perceived, and then the next moment the LEFT hemisphere which registers conscious thought catches up with the perception. The result is an ILLUSION of having perceived the incident previously, for in that split second between the one hemisphere registering and then the other, there is the perception of having witnessed the same incident twice, even though in REALITY it is the same incident.

The lights you are seeing is actually not uncommon. Quite a lot of people tend to see these lights but they mostly assume that there is something not quite right with their eyes. LOL!

The lights you are seeing is what is termed PRANA. Prana is quite literally the breath of life. Scientists assume that we only need oxygen when we breathe, but this is not true, and insufficient prana is the cause of many people dying even when they are given oxygen when they are having difficulty with breathing. We do need oxygen, but we also need prana which is the substance that gives oxygen life. Without prana we cannot live, no matter HOW much oxygen we get.

There are two types of prana, solar prana and planetray prana. We need BOTH, for together they form a whole. Solar prana is emitted by the sun, and planetary prana is emitted by the planet. Solar prana is positive, that is, masculine, whereas planetary prana is negative, or feminine. Solar prana is to oxygen what the spirit is to man, and planetary prana is to solar prana what the Dreamer is to the spirit. Oxygen without prana is useless to man, much like dead water. It can only sustain life for a very limited period of time. In fact, dead water IS water in which there is no prana, that is, the life-giving force. Even our food contains prana, except for processed food which is dead and therefore devoid of prana. This is why it is so important to eat FRESH food and NOT processed food. If you were to eat only processed food and drink only dead water, you would become ill and die very quickly. So you can see the threat that genetically modified crops hold for man. GM foods are no longer alive in the true sense of the word. They are fast becoming like processed food, and if it is allowed to continue, a great many people will die from malnutrition, which no doubt, the scientists who support GM foods will hotly deny! So, yes, sad as it is, MANY scientists and medical doctors today belong to the Old Sorcerers, and they are working towards killing us, but are too stupid to see it.

Thank you for the offer of help in South America. This is indeed a market we are looking at. So we will gladly come back to you and your wife on this one when the time is right. Right now we are trying to get the patent sorted out. And THEN we have to cross our next formidable bridge, namely, finding the necessary cash flow with which to manufacture. LOL! So if any of you have any bright ideas on how to find cash flow, or if you have any suitable contacts along these lines, then please let me know. :) We will probably need in the region of between 100, 000 and 150, 000 euro in terms of cash flow.

With warm regards,