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Théun, I recently had a dream where I was Every-Thing in the dream, conscious in a hundred different ways at the same time. Everything was very still, and the items of the dream were very colorful. I had a reddish face, and a very mischievous smile, and it was as if every other object in the scene was the body of a dragon (which was me). Then I the dreamed became aware of what I was dreaming, and snapped back into normal awareness, and my facial expression became one of fear and loathing, and I saw that I had a bad shave above my lip and looked ugly. I then woke up.

I awoke and thought that I was being shown that my "I am a fog" feeling was actually an urge to acknowledge that I am not a physical body, but a four-dimensional spiritual being. Every-thing is an expression of me, and I must constantly reinterpret Every-thing, reading it with a (hopefully) ever increasing level of literacy. I also thought that it is my defensiveness about being unattractive, in a number of ways (underdog), that causes me to cling to my social conditioned perception of self.

I also thought that it was interesting that in this dream, while in the altered state of awareness - I had a very mischievous smile on my face. I can't say that this confirms anything, but it seems to indicate that my "being crazy" and mischievous could be a relatively pure expression of my intent. I have been called crazy (insane X, LOL) since I was very young.

I was wondering what your take on all this was.


What race do east Indian and middle eastern people fit into?


What is the difference between a true bisexual and a guardian of the race ? How many beings to a dreamer does each have ?

Thank you for your guidance Théun. I have been working with what you have given me so far, and am learning more and more every day. I value this interaction between us greatly, and hope that I can one day express my appreciation with action.


I feel that your interpretation of your dream is very accurate, as well as what you are learning about your behaviour. Good! :)

East Indians and Middle Eastern people are part of the Indo-European sub-race of the Aryan root race.

"What is the difference between a true bisexual and a Guardian of the Race?"

Are you mocking me? Are you trying to pull my leg? Are you now starting to imagine that if you are not nagal then at least you can be a Guardian? RATFL! A true bisexual, my friend, is a man, that is, he belongs to the Fourth Kingdom in nature. A Guardian is a being that has evolved beyond the limitations of man, and is therefore no longer tied to the Wheel of Rebirth, although still man, that is, He belongs to the Fifth Kingdom in nature. Are the Guardians bisexual? Of course! What do you expect?

"How many beings to a dreamer does each have?"

Don't you read? Or is it that you cannot read? What does individualisation mean, my friend? LOL! Individualisation means having one dreamer to one being. You see what I mean by illiteracy? :) My friend, I am NOT merely being unkind to you, but you MUST realise that a prerequisite for treading the Warrior's Path is LEARNING to understand what you read and hear! Literacy is synonymous with learning. If you are not literate you will FAIL in becoming a warrior. And here I am NOT talking about reading and writing! ANY fool can learn to read and write. The world is FULL of such men and women. But only the LITERATE man is in COMMAND of what he reads and writes. And of these there are precious few! Most men and women can only read the FACE VALUE of words they do NOT understand, and they base their REACTIONS upon their abysmal understanding! And the same goes for SPEECH! God spoke and there was Light! Remember? Most so-called educated people speak and there is horrendous darkness and confusion! LOL!

With much warmth and laughter,