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Theun, what does it really mean being crystallized? You spoke of someone's dad being like this and I hope I didn't understand. (I am a bit of a non medical hypochondriac LOL)

I am REAL and my everyday question is about recapitulation. I have recapitulated my challenge of being isolated within the family as a nine year old and have relived the misery of it returning to that dark place, scared of being alone and in darkness Blah Blah. As a child this was a challenge I brought with me to my little life. I feel forgiveness. It just was and I was not a victim. I see how this pattern of fear impacted on my adult life and I am behaving differently now. I have learnt that it doesn't really matter. You told me I am not too damaged to succeed on this path. Believe me I have recapitulated it to death and now know the difference between feeling and emotion. I may not like it but I can be alone and I can be in the dark. Although I prefer not to be. Test me any day of the week LOL!! I have worked my way through it many times. I have expressed it in poetry and art. Agggh!!

However, in my everyday happy life I have sudden uncalled for flashback memories which slay me. I feel neutral as I write this, but is my nervous system too damaged? Does post traumatic shock syndrome really exist? Has it crystallized me? Or have I done something wrong in recapitulation?


You sound just like nagging old woman you are! Are you LISTENING to what I am saying? Or are you only HEARING the face value of my words. Let me M-O-U-T-H it for you. You are an old nagging woman, and you are driving yourself and me nuts with all your pettiness. If you don't stop nagging everyone to death your mind WILL crystallise into being the PERPETUAL NAG!

If you want to be a warrior then get ON with it, instead of finding all sorts of petty excuses to be "slain." What is slaying you is your pettiness!

Once people get to their mid fifties, their minds crystallise, meaning that they can no longer change their mindsets, and are therefore caught in their view of the world for the rest of their lives. The only way to stop this from happening is to become a warrior.

With warm regards,