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  • Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of


Hello Théun!!

This note is more of a hello than a request for guidance. I am a newbie to the real Toltec world (I stumbled upon Don Miguel Ruiz a few years ago, but seem to have missed the depth that I have found with your group!).

I have been told that I date back to Lemurian times, and sometimes I do feel that old! LOL! But I am loving the Earth plane, which is why I keep coming back for more.

Gaining personal awareness, and helping others to gain awareness, seem like the core of my purpose, along with trying to stay in "heart chakra mode" and learning to truly love and accept others (people, animals, trees, spiders--I just can't kill them!, etc.). So, the Warrior's Path seems like the perfect challenge for me. I know it's gonna be tough, peeling those potatoes, but I am up for it.

I look forward to getting to know you better, and to making a sincere contribution to the group. Thankfully, I have just switched jobs to one closer to home (well, at least the home base, but the job is global), and I will now be able to commit to "daily self care and conscious living", as I call it. Manifesting this job was one of my best efforts yet; I am a big believer in manifestation, but I always seem to underestimate doing it for myself! LOL! All the little bits of thinking that I have been putting out to the universe over the last year have managed to crystallize into a single job, that also affords me benefits on the home front. Just amazing...

Thanks for generating this great site and for sharing your wisdom (and great sense of humor!) with all of us. If you do have any guidance for me as a newcomer, I am all ears!


:) Welcome in our midst, my friend! Your openness, light-ness and lovely sense of balance is a real pleasure to share. I am also happy to hear that you like to laugh, for life would be so SERIOUS without being able to laugh! <g> And believe me that there are far too many people who come to the Warrior's Path either as Mr. or Mrs. Know-it-All, or with GRIM determination! Sigh! So your fresh approach will stand you in very good stead, and I am quite sure that in wishing to make a contribution, you will be a great asset to the group. With where the world is at today most people just ASSUME that when they join a movement they MUST be accepted, but without ever pausing to consider that we can be either an ASSET or a LIABILITY. But from what you share I get the sense that you wish to be an asset. :)

Do tell me more about yourself. Why do some call you Lemurian? :) And what makes your heart sing, apart from loving life? What makes my heart sing is being on an adventure. <g> I just love mapping out the unknown, and finding secrets that blow my mind. LOL! Our latest adventure is quite the most intriguing adventure I have yet had to date. It started off as one thing, and is now turning into something quite different! Don't you just love it when the path takes an unexpected twist and you find yourself looking upon a breathtaking new world? LOL!

Have FUN! <g> The Warrior's Path IS hard work, VERY hard work, but only for those that are too lazy to work. If hard work makes your heart sing, the Warrior's Path is not a slog, but a JOY come true! I trust that for you it will be a joy! There are a million different ways in which to peel potatoes, and laughing at the sheer folly of peeling off perfectly good skins that can be eaten, is one of them! But then Mum said we MUST peel them silly potatoes, and a HUGE industry has been built upon the manufacture of potato peelers! People have even gotten PHD's writing theses on new forms of potato peelers! I guess this means we are living in a VERY civilised world surrounded by some really intelligent folks, no? Our progress upon the ladder of evolution must be quite formidable, don't you think? SMT RATFL!

With warm regards,