Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) from Warriors' Experience

  • Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID)


Theun, thank you for the continuing updates regarding the laser business. I'm very excited about how things are moving forward.

You mentioned in one of the Communiques that some lasers are so strong that they are harmful - close to microwaving oneself. Sine reading this I have been wondering, with your experience and that of the family with the lasers, if a RFID tag killer could be developed as another product sometime in the near future. I understand right now all the intent is on the healing lasers but thereafter?

RFID tags are now imbedded in an increasing number of items we buy, furthering the total surveillance society. They can be attached to or hidden within packaging or the goods themselves. The can be printed using conductive ink. They can be woven into garments and of course they can be injected into living beings.

To my knowledge there is no product available to find and destroy these chips inside a purchased object. RFID tags can be destroyed by microwaving the object in question but this normally also harms the object itself or even sets it alight. They can also be smashed or pierced but for that one has to find them first and it may not be possible to extract them.

If a cheap enough product could detect and kill these chips, it should be fairly straight forward to take them out into the streets in order to demonstrate them to people by shpwing them the tags in their latest purchase or in their clothing. They would sell themselves.

I don't know what Adrian makes of this. My own technical knowledge is unfortunately non-existent but I will keep looking into this in the meantime.


LOL! You are quite the rebel, eh? <g> But this may well be possible, although I strongly suspect that we will never get CE and FDA certification for such a product, which means we will have to sell it on the black market. This does not worry me, and neither do I care, but it WILL mean that from that moment on we WILL be classified as enemies of the State with possible life-long imprisonment should we ever be caught. LOL!

It is totally sickening to know that there are human beings who will actually sell out the whole of humanity for a few bucks, for it is such people that invented RFID tags. It is truly SICK! And truly the sign of a VERY low life-form! Such people in ancient times under cosmic law would have had their throats cut in their sleep for the benefit of the greater whole! Perhaps we should start considering reintroducing cosmic law, even though this would be seen as crime and murder.

With disgust,