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Thank you for the great support you and your Family are providing to Science for Life.

On our side, we are working on a new permanent collaboration platform for our project. Technically, it will be a facility to write, edit, review, discuss and publish articles. Access to the new web site will be given only to you, your Family and us, apprentices at Toltec Legacy. Once DM will finish the skeleton of the web site, I will introduce it to you in more details.

When the body of articles will reach a certain point in quantity and quality, we will publish them on a separate web site, Science for Life Journal. The goal of the Journal is to introduce a new framework of Science and attract the true thinkers.

How does the plan sound to you?

On a personal note, I find my perception of our project switching all the time. Sometimes I am just staring in blank space, sometimes there is a slight feeling of what should I do next. I am sure you see this from my communication in Living Room :) . I assume that that is how Men learn to be Men, but I also would LOVE to have more FUN!

What do you do when you are staring in void?

With warmth


I like you idea, but at some stage we must also DO something PRACTICAL, not just write papers. LOL! From a Toltec perspective papers come AFTER the ACTION and the RESULTS of the actions. Too many people THINK too much about WHAT they will DO once they are warriors! The result is that all action stops at thinking and they never become warriors! LOL! The papers that Adrian and I wrote were written AFTER we took action! They were the RESULT of the actions we took, not the other way around.

"What do you do when you are staring in void?"

You become creative! LOL! That is what the void is there for - so that the true male can look into his own NO-THING-NESS and BE-COME creative. The trap you find yourself in is that you have been CONDITIONED into using your mind only, and your mind has been programmed according to the Known. :) So your challenge as the leader of the science team is to reach deep within yourself and to come in TOUCH with the true void of NO-THING-NESS which is the source of all true inspiration and creativity. This should be your Not-Doing AND your ACT of SURVIVAL! Unless you do this, you will go round and round REPRODUCING the wheel, and your team will begin to lose heart because of not feeling inspired by you, their leader. :) As you are starting to notice, all human creatures with penises are men. This is for us the Known. But FEW men can truly find it within themselves to BE-COME true males, for THIS is for us the Unknown, and what we are trying to map out. From my own experience I KNOW that the only way is get in TOUCH with the void within. When I fall into inner silence, and I go to the still point within where there is NO-THING, it is never long before I start feeling inspired to map out what I can SENSE, but cannot yet GRASP!

With much love,