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Theun, in respect of the lasers, the written materials I was referring to are:

"THE FRONTIERS OF HEALING AND HEALTH" and "Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapeutics and the New Science" which I would under no circumstances (or any other materials) share with anyone without specific permission to do so. Hence my question as to what I may share. Given that there will be a website with the relevant materials, I shall point the relevant people in that direction.

And thanks for the feedback with respect to the training. It was obviously a very naive and foolish question.

With regard to the guidance on my dream, thank you for your lengthy (and as always accurate ) guidance. This is another longish response and request for further guidance, I might be making a habit of these <wg>. Of course as I attempt to gain some clarity, I fully expect to put my foot in my mouth from time to time <g>. And it appears I have done so already , hopefully the sight of me hopping around with a foot in my mouth with create much enJOY ment and serve a useful purpose in that way.

This is my understanding of where I am at the moment (of course colored and filtered par excellence through my view of the world), and I stand ready to be corrected in whatever may be appropriate.

At the time, in South Africa, my dreams (which have ever been accurate) guided me in the choices I made. Unfortunately there was also a HUGE element of fear as well as you so rightfully point out.

There have always been (from early childhood) subtle connections to Greece which never really made any rational sense and yet somehow always seemed to shape my choices. Just before leaving SA, I had a spontaneous recapitulation of dying in Greece during the beginning of WWII. It seems curious (though not really significant) that my ex's family on her mother's side had a son that died at that time and under circumstances similar to my recollection.

The move to Greece did allow me to provide my children the support and love they needed to establish themselves, and for me to feel that I had shouldered my responsibility towards them. And it also allowed my ex and I to learn to cooperate intelligently (despite our differences) to the point where we are friendly. Even friends. That's not to say that I could not have achieved more had I made different choices. And indeed had remained part of the e-group.

After the omen dream in 2004, I started (oh so very slowly) to make changes including moving to Athens from Thessaloniki. My children have acclimatized and they are older and stronger. I have been butting my head against the brick WALL of my social conditioning which is corrupting my attempt at action. I simply do not move fast enough, too much EARTH and not enough WATER. I thought I understood what my purpose was based on my dreams/visions and your guidance way back when. I have no idea at this point. I studied NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) before leaving South Africa and I seemed to be very good at it. I have done Reiki and other forms of energy healing sometimes with amazing results. Everywhere I have been I have tried to give the very best I could with mixed results. And now I have to move/change. I cannot continue as walking dead.

I have never forgotten my bisexuality, and have tried to use it to relate to both sexes equally. Having said that, you are absolutely right it terrifies me. And I have come to realise in our communications that I do not trust the male, curious isn't it <g>. In fact I do not trust anyone because I do not trust my self/SELF. With regard to my dreamer turning up the volume, it may sound terribly arrogant, but I requested it (if that is possible?). CALLING forth teachings (from my DREAMER)?

Revisiting your initial guidance on the 'suicidal planet', It now seems very clear to me that the planet and sun are my self and 'my' SELF. In the dream/omen of 2004 I was leading people, and I amended the interpretation to say 'leading by example' because I thought it was arrogant. The truth is I have always wanted to lead, dreamed of leading, believed I was supposed to lead, and its one of the things that gives rise (in part) to my rebelliousness. That is not to say that I am a 'suitable' leader, . No illusions there.

At work, all other issues aside, my heart is no longer in my work, and this morning I realised why. After 2 years of being unable to lead, provide meaningful/useful guidance or any kind of 'LEAD' - I'm just a clever techie with a broad range of skills. I have become increasingly frustrated and angry (LOL) because I am not LEADing, in other words not BEING a MALE, and 'explaining' it in terms of my position/pay, etc. Of course the workplace is just reflecting that back to me . I am not really of USE anymore, even though I earn my pay.

With regard to my purpose, that which gives me the greatest JOY is LEADing, HEALing and SUPPORTing others. In other words BEING of SERVICE. I have 'tried' to always DO this but have only some times been of USE.

Bottom line is I have to change (and move). I am of SERVICE to no-one like this. And I am happiest when I see others growing around me and have contributed through my HEART-felt ACTION. For example, when I see my son's eyes light up from some insight or a change in attitude/behaviour because of some simple thing I said or did, I feel like it makes life worth living. As I write this, it seems terribly arrogant and self-important, and Lord knows I am all of that, yet at the same time I feel there is a kernel of truth in it. And of course LEADing takes COURAGE, stepping outside the circle as you put it, not my STRONGest suit.

And of course to LEAD I have to follow my HEART. Which leads to ask you whether you have any use for a somewhat broken down man-of-action?

In any case, with you permission, I would like to visit the Temple Of Peace, I believe it will be useful in gaining clarity, and getting out of the rut I have dug for my self.

I have another dream that I would like your guidance on:

I approach a clearing in a forest in winter. It is quite beautiful. Everything is covered in deep snow, so moving is slow and difficult. I have been camping/hiking. I see 2 men in orange jump suits trapping wolves by injecting them with a clear liquid that incapacitates them. They bury them in the snow with only their heads ticking out.

I must do something. I see one of the two trapped wolves is dead.

They see me and shoot me in my left leg, the drug is almost instantaneous, I fall down. I am determined to escape and warn the authorities. As the man who shot me moves off of trap another wolf, his companion drops a syringe, and as he is preoccupied with one of the trapped wolves I drag my self over to him (my legs are paralysed because of the drug) and stab him in the leg/ribs. He falls down. I am tempted to kill him.

As I am scuffling in the snow trying to get myself up I find a number of empty syringes buried/abandoned in the snow. I gather these. Finally I manage to stand and as I do, the man's companion sees me and comes running. I struggle to move through the snow carrying my heavy bags and I start moving faster and faster through sheer willpower (feel my Dreamer empowering me). I cross to the edge of the clearing, still being chased and find a door.

I struggle to open the door because of the heavy rucksacks hanging by the straps from each wrist making it difficult to move my arms and grab the door handle. I get it open and enter the darkness beyond.

The door is to the right of and on the other side of my initial entry into the clearing .

Predominant color: white

Feeling: act now

My understanding of it:

I am searching for adventure(distraction?) [forest, camping/hiking/change] (and in fact I have no permanent address at the moment) because I am bored and know I need to make changes. It is winter and time for the death of the old. I am hampered by my social conditioning (ball & chain/mother's awareness)[moving slow and difficult]. I see the potential loss of freedom (opportunity for) . I must be alert for trickery and duplicity [orange jumpsuits] masquerading as humility/understanding/destiny [2 men] not just resulting from my social conditioning, but also externally. I do not quite get the significance of the [wolves heads sticking out of the snow] except that must rely on my intuition to guide me at this time and be alert to the faintest of feelings. Only this will reveal my and others lack of honesty [stabbing in the ribs] and true support [stabbing in the leg]. The significance of the [authorities] escapes me.

I do not understand the gathering of empty syringes, except to use them as a weapon. Or that they are a distraction, and in [gathering them] I am wasting precious time, and hence seen by the other man.

I have become entrapped in my social conditioning, and have lost temporarily [paralysed left leg] my ability to use left-side awareness and hence my difficulty in moving forward (in life). I need to be wide-awake and watch out for every opportunity to change my situation, and channel my anger [tempted to kill] correctly to assist me in standing. My Dreamer will empower me as I focus my will correctly [moving faster and faster].

I have to watch out and HANDLE my conditioning and lack of fluidity in all relationships [wrists | door handle] (mistrust is one significant issue as is my goal-orientation [arms]) as it will hinder my bid to open the door!

[Darkness beyond] is the unknown of course, also that my Dreamer will not reveal more to me until I have OPENED the door. I have act now with whatever clarity I can grasp and take the gap to freedom [cross the clearing to the door].

Questions: - On a different level, does this dream have anything to do with the Swine Flu vaccinations? - -

  • And with your purpose?
  • What am I missing in my understanding of this dream?

Other questions:

I would like to understand the errors in numerology that I made in 'interpreting' the article.

I would like to know as much as is relevant about Kundalini, as it has been active in me (as I understand it) for a number of years now. I do a yoga spinal breathing exercise of channeling the energy up and down my spine between the root and third eye to prevent it shooting out through the crown which I believe I am unready for. I have an almost constant burning up and down my spine and third eye ranging from a subtle heat to an almost painful burn. Is there any guidance you can give me?

With much love (and trepidation LAMOF)


You may with pleasure share the two articles you are referring to.

Don't take my teasing personally. I love to tease people, especially when they are being very serious! And then when they get mad at me for teasing them I tease them even more, just for the amusement of seeing how predictable they CAN become! <wg>

"I simply do not move fast enough, too much EARTH and not enough WATER."

LOL! Yes, a peculiarity with all Men of Action! They either get rooted to the earth when they should be moving, or else they move like a bull in a China Shop until they learn balance.

"I thought I understood what my purpose was based on my dreams/visions and your guidance way back when. I have no idea at this point."

:) So then you are in a good SPACE, no? Starting to realise that you do not know everything there is to know. So now perhaps you may allow your Dreamer to lead you? :)

"At work, all other issues aside, my heart is no longer in my work......"

It has not been for a long, long time. But you are a stubborn man, and so convinced yourself that you lurve your work! LOL!

"And of course to LEAD I have to follow my HEART. Which leads to ask you whether you have any use for a somewhat broken down man-of-action?"

:) Forget about the false humility and tell me what you have in mind. What would make your heart sing? TRULY sing? Not what you THINK will make your heart sing. But what you FEEL will make your heart sing.

"In any case, with you permission, I would like to visit the Temple Of Peace......"

You are welcome to visit.

"I have another dream that I would like your guidance on."

But your interpretation is good, my friend! So WHAT about your dream do you not understand? You claim you do not know what the authority means. Do you REALLY not know? Has your MIND not always been your greatest authority? And the Unknown terrifies you! So you still want life to be what you THINK it should be, according to your "authority!" No wonder you are stuck in a rut. LOL! And the wolves. Symbol of freedom, no? They are being hunted, paralysed and then buried with only their heads sticking out. Not nice. Not nice at all. If you bring this dream back to yourself and make it about yourself, in what way do you paralyse freedom and bury it? Empty syringes? Has your MIND not been collecting "circumstantial evidence" for ever? LOL! Heads not buried. Justification for actions. Paralyse, but do not kill! Therefore I say, not nice! :)

"On a different level, does this dream have anything to do with the Swine Flu vaccinations?"

You may well see it as having something to do with the Swine Flu vaccinations. But why? What are YOUR feelings on this? And more importantly, WHY are these your feelings?

"And with your purpose?"

LOL! My friend, you know full well what my purpose is, for I have spelled it out MANY times. And I am a Wolf, and whilst I am still around, I will fight everyone who tries to disempower people by taking away their freedom. There have been MANY, throughout my life who have tried to paralyse me, even bury me! LOL! But somehow or the other, I have always been guided into breaking free from their grasp. I have not always known HOW I managed to get free, and OFTEN have I silently uttered my deep and heartfelt thanks for help I have received without knowing from where it came. What I am attempting to share my friend, is that it is so EASY to talk about MY purpose. But I of all people, have on more than one occasion stood back, with my hat in my hands and my head lowered, knowing that ALL of my human resources are truly pitiful! I am not where I am at today, and I am not capable of doing what I today do, because of my cleverness, or my giftendness, or my ability to see, or my knowledge, or whatever else. No! I am where I am, and I do what I do, because I am a WILLING instrument of power. Are you willing to be that too? Is this why you ask if I have use of you? You SAY it makes you happy to be of service! But does it make your heart sing to let go of everything you hold dear to your heart, in ALLOWING yourself to be stripped clean of all that hinders your way forward in leading others? Do you understand what I am asking?

You see, my friend, if we truly wish to learn, we learn from EVERYBODY and from EVERYTHING around us. One of the most profound things I ever learned, was from a very wise old woman whom nobody really liked. I did not like her either. In fact I feared her. But this not stop me from hearing the truth she spoke on that day. She said, "Just remember that a good company is STILL a company without a Director. But a Director without a company, is fuck all!"

So I learned on that fateful day, that to lead means to SERVE! And to serve, means that we forego all personal preferences, for like the apple tree that does not first ask you whether you are worthy of its apples, so the man or woman in service cannot ask if the other person is worthy of his or her service. Not much glamour in that, eh? LOL! Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be on top, wants to lead! But not many are CONTENT with the HUMBLE position of being a willing instrument with no will of its own, other than to serve the One Life. There is nothing glamorous about service, my friend. Leadership? Yes! VERY glamorous! But glamour and TRUE service are mutually incompatible. Ponder deeply upon what I have shared with you here.

"What am I missing in my understanding of this dream?"

Your "neck" has still not been broken, has it? :)

If you know what is good for you, you would not be doing breathing exercises to activate the kundalini fire. It is HIGHLY dangerous! Schizophrenia is the least of the dangers involved; spontaneous combustion is the ultimate danger involved. The kundalini fire should be allowed to rise naturally under command of your Dreamer. Even when it does arise naturally, there is still great risk involved if at any point the little self tries to interfere or arrest the rising in some way. The rising of the kundalini fire is the ultimate achievement of freedom, namely, what Toltecs term the shedding of the human form in becoming a formless warrior. Even with the most careful training, preparation and years and years of having LIVED the impeccable life of the warrior, the shedding of the human form is still a dangerous process, for the human tonal does not relinquish its control readily. Now imagine what happens when the kundalini fire is activated prematurely. Premature arousal of this fire normally ends in POOF, and either you have a raving lunatic on your hands, or a pile of ashes on the floor.

With all my love and support,