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Theun, in the Toltec Teachings you say that a Warrior is not a recluse. I get that, and I see by your example that you are not. My understanding is that a true Warrior feels compelled to lead others to freedom. The Teachings also say that the best way to help others, via the web of life, is to uplift ourselves. I can see that these truths are not mutually exclusive and that they are but the two sides of the same coin, namely unconditional love.

Looking at my life it occurs to me that LIVING the Teachings is very different from reading, studying and romanticizing about the Teachings. I know Power decides who is to be a Warrior and who is not, and whether I am or not remains to be seen; however I do FEEL with every fiber of my being that I must push on. There really is not a choice.

It is evident to me that I, and I alone, must find the way to wake myself up from this dream. By your actions, you have graciously supported me and I am grateful. I am awkwardly trying to take my first steps on the Warrior's path. Discerning what it is I want (fate), as opposed to what I like (folly), is not easy. The momentum of my life is still so strong. Honestly... I look around and see mostly people who have no intention of changing. Sometimes it makes me sad; maybe a reflection of my own struggle. Even those closest to me seem helplessly lost. Should I continue to stand among them and hope that somehow I can provide a difference making example? Or, should I go back to my land and improve my skills at self sufficiency and prepare a place where others may come in the future? Or.... something entirely different?

I am no scholar, nor seer, nor great leader. I just want to try and figure out what is my little part and do it as best I can. As always, your insight is deeply appreciated.


My friend, I really cannot tell you what to do. It does not make sense to tell other people what to do when we all have our own hearts speaking to us. You MUST learn to listen to your heart! It is really not all that difficult to do, especially not when one finds oneself at a point of crisis. You must also learn to read the omens around you every day of your life. If there are no omens it means you are in the right place at the right time. If you are not, guidance will come, believe me!

With warm regards,