Psychopathy, cause of from Warriors' Experience

  • Psychopathy, cause of


"I can help you, but then I will need ALL your co-operation. By this I mean TOTAL honesty without any attempt at ducking and diving what must perforce come across as being highly invasive questions. Are you willing to do this?"

Thank you for guiding me in getting clarity in this.

I am aware of the seriousness of the situation. This is not only about my life but about my freedom too. There is no other way other than to be TOTALLY COOPERATIVE AND HONEST with you and with myself. It is "game over" time for me!


Good! This is a fine start. :)

The majority of psychopaths have a very deeply suppressed anger surrounding sex. So shall we start here? What is causing you so much suppressed anger concerning sex? And when did this start?

Also, does this anger have anything to do with your brother?

With all my warmth and support,