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Hello Théun,


I have been wondering what to write. It's not that I don't have anything to say or to ask, but I am not overly interested in walking into another arse kicking, LOL. But what else can I do?

In our last correspondence you suggested that I watch my emotions and feelings while interacting with others, and ponder upon them deeply. I have been doing this. The first thing I noticed is that I have been ignoring and suppressing my emotions, and that it was a relief to even acknowledge that I have them and that they are valuable.

Then, as I have noticed in the past, I sensed a fear of exposure. I've never been clear on what I was hiding though - but am thinking that I am seeing the situation with more clarity now.

I am unable to feel love unless I witness it in action. I, when I was younger, had no idea that I was different in this way, and assumed that I wasn't being given love because I was very, very bad. You mentioned in a previous message that I do feel that I am bad, and even though this may just be due to my social conditioning, you suspect that there could be a deeper cause. I think this is it.

I am afraid that others will be able to sense that I have never experienced the feeling of being loved. I associate this with being unlovable and bad.

I am not making any conclusions, but would love to hear your take on it. Are you suggesting that I am full of shit in this? If so, LOL, please guide me towards feeling loved!

The other tricky topic has to do with the lion dreaming class.

When this was mentioned in the communiqué a few weeks back, it got me thinking again. It touches me deeply, but again, I am not making any conclusions.

In my pondering, I remembered another dream that might be relevant.

It was a scene, a big stone church where I attended Sunday school when I was a child (and got kicked out). This church had a giant snow man with carrot nose and stick arms, sticking out through its roof - a sort of evil looking Christmas creature. The side of the building had a stain, a portal of color that was alive and vibrant. The color of the portal was the same color as the lion cub I mentioned in another dream, indigo teal. The borders of this color were purple though. And then, the only other thing I remember of the dream, was that the view panned out, so that I could see that the church was on a corner marked with two street signs, one labeled "creation", and the other labeled "destruction".

Perhaps it is relevant to mention that another dream mentioned that my life purpose was code named "white snow," may relate to the snow man.

One thing I have thought is that perhaps it is possible that the lion ray is coming in through true bisexuals of different dreaming classes, life becoming manifest.

You are a Dragon Wolf... is it possible that I am a Lion Wolf?

This could be the other reason I feel "bad." I feel that if I stand up straight everything will catch on fire. Pardon the poetics, but I don't know how else to say it.

I feel like there is much more I could explain on both of these issues, but I am not looking to convince you or anybody else of anything. I am seeking clarity on this "bad" feeling I have within me. If you have any questions that may help me in this process, please ask them. Or if you have enough information - is there any guidance that you can provide me? Part of this is my desire to be included within your known - as I really am deep inside.

Also, I would love a copy of Health and Holism as soon as possible! Please forward me the information I need to secure a copy. I just ordered the Numerology book this morning, and am thinking that perhaps I would be able to save on shipping costs if the two were sent together. Either way, please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support, Théun.
Your friend.


The reason why you have never felt love is quite simply because you have never been loved, as sad as this is! It is impossible to feel love when there is no-one to love you! LOL! For some reason that you not yet understand, you needed this experience in your life in order to learn something. What I do not know right now. But I feel pretty sure that once you have learned what you need to learn, you will start attracting people into your life that will love you, and then you too will know what it feels like to be loved.

The fact that you should feel so bad about yourself comes to me as no surprise. But it will not help you to keep dwelling on this fact. Rather keep working at finding out WHY exactly you feel bad, by constantly monitoring your response to life around you, and by questioning your perception of yourself.

The colours in your dreams about Lions are NOT the correct colours. But even IF you are a Lion, in what way would this knowledge help you right now? How could you put it to practical use? You are simply grasping at straws, thinking that if you know this or if you know that, you will feel better about yourself. But this is a fool's game. It is putting your power outside of yourself. I don't know why you keep dreaming about Lions. Only YOU can find this out, for they are YOUR dreams!

"One thing I have thought is that perhaps it is possible that the lion ray is coming in through true bisexuals of different dreaming classes, life becoming manifest."

This could be possible, except that it would NOT be through different dreaming classes. You have completely the wrong understanding of my portfolio. It is my PORTFOLIO that is named the Dragon Wolf. But this does NOT mean that I am a Dragon Wolf! Such a thing would be an abomination of nature, you big idiot! LOL! I am a Wolf and nothing else, but I am called upon to do work that COULD be looked upon as being the task of a Dragon, that is, separating out the poles for the purposes of achieving the needed clarity to bring about unity in that which is disparate. So unless you are a Toltec of the Third Attention having been given a portfolio by the Guardians of the Race that may be called the Lion Wolf, I suggest we look for more humble reasons as to why you keep dreaming about Lions. If you WERE a Toltec of the Third Attention you would have a restored memory and you would not be here on TL bemoaning feeling bad about yourself! LOL! And in any case, who said you are a Wolf? Or are you just assuming this too?

"I feel that if I stand up straight everything will catch on fire."

Well then you have a choice here, don't you? Either you keep yourself small and take the consequences, or else you stand up straight and see what happens. In my experience the world does not actually revolve around any one person, even though our actions do effect the greater whole. But until you DO stand up you are only summising!

Health & Holism is now being edited, but will not be ready for printing until much later this year. Once it has been published Charles will let all of know. We are hoping to release it early January.

With warm regards,