Nagal, a, blow from, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Nagal, a, blow from, examples of


Theun, I love you. I recently had a dream that I was facing south, and there was a yellow rose. The rose was wider and darker than it should be, and it spun in a counter clockwise direction. The Flower bud floated up off of the stem, and to the left, then it pressed the left of my forehead. It felt soft, like a baby. I said something about praying for something good for OTHER people.

Question: Which magnetic energy center in the human body does each planet in our solar system represent?

Question: What role does Sirius, the Dog Star, play in our life? What is the nature of Sirius? What is the story behind Sirius?

Question: Can you identify one star for every of the 21 predilections in the wolf class, or as many as you know of that is fair to make known.

Thank You.


Now let me see. You are kidding me, yes? You are testing the boundaries to see how far you can go with me? Hmmmm! Do you like playing with your sick leave? <ebwg>

I am sure you do not expect me to tell you what to do with your questions, do you? Heard of somewhere where the sun never shines? Hmmm? Around here I want to see your LIGHT in terms of being of service to humanity, my little Sunshine! I couldn't care a flying f*** about what you use for toilet paper! So if you are going to be with us on this journey then get WITH the program, my friend! Around here I do not answer frivolous questions to appease idle curiosity! If I were to answer your questions above in what way would the information transform you into a warrior that can be of service to humanity? Hmmm? Tell me that and then MAYBE I will answer your questions.

I think it is time for you and I to have a heart to heart, okay? I don't know why you joined us, but from your interactions with the others in the Living Room I find you to be a pompous, arrogant and spoilt little son of a bitch who has a VERY vacant mind and a head that contains only two brain cells, one of which is NOT working! Living with your mom, you say? Yeah, tell me about it! Little snot noses like you NEED a mother's apron strings to cling to, and your mother, bless her cotton socks, has from what I can see never taught you any manners!

So, my friend, this is how I see you and what I think of you. :) Care to draw your sword and let us see what you are made of? Hmmmm? I am NOT some crack pot that has such a low self-image that I need to surround myself with arseholes hanging off my lips just so that I can fell better about myself. LOL! I am a warrior, my friend, that was trained on the battlefield of life! I do not play silly and childish games!

With sword casually drawn,