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Théun, hello and thank you for all the guidance you have given me. I am still working on it. Especially the part about taking action. My current question is about the active dreaming practice and in particular visualizing the yellow rose and the rotations.

In the beginning, I was looking at the orbit from an outside perspective, like looking at a distant galaxy. Recently it occurred to me that maybe the orbit was around "me" or my awareness, and I have been trying this out for a while. In doing this, the first "argument" that came up was how am I supposed to "see" it if it is behind me, but my experience of trying challenges me to stretch my awareness and visual abilities.

Is this something that I just need to keep experimenting with and find out for myself?


No! You funny man. LOL! You are SUPPOSED to see the rose in front of you, not circling around you. If you go on like this you will get yourself lost in inherent awareness. LOL!

With much love and laughter,