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Théun, good evening! You wrote:

"Once when I mentioned to a certain friend of mine that I need some time in which to learn Spanish, she said to me, "You will learn it on the spot!" So don't worry, as Atl'aman you will learn the teachings on the spot!<ebwg>"

And I thought that I needed to learn the Teachings in order to understand what REALLY Atl'aman means! And I have been wanting to ask YOU what does it mean to be Atl'aman , but as usual as it happens with certain nagals, I received the answer before I even managed to ask, just five minutes ago:

"The ranks as used by Toltecs describe the skill attained at handling power, and as this is obviously cumulative over lifetimes of training and experience it follows that all ranks refer to the level of control that the true Self is able to exert upon its physical vehicle."

This is extremely enlightening, thank you!

I also wanted to ask you a whole host of questions, but I wanted to put them into writing in an ordered proper way in a request for guidance, so that all knowledge coming through could be shared. But! There was never time, it was always a bloody battle against time to find the time! So now I have decided to make some space in my lack of time, and what began as an email is going to change right now into a request for guidance, proper or not:)

In your previous guidance to me, you wrote:

"And nor am I laughing at the realisation you came to when you saw yourself as being a warrior belonging to the White Brotherhood. But it is true that you cannot remember, for this is true of MANY today!"

Until the day I read these words, my mind told me it was just my romantic imagination, though my heart felt otherwise. With these words you validated my feelings - and I started BELIEVING. Is this a first step to remembering? How do I start to retrieve my memory? I can feel there are MANY indeed today, and I feel that we NEED to remember as soon as possible, because the time is now and how can we be of any value if we don't know who we are and what we're here for?

You wrote:

"Atl'aman are those warriors that have proven themselves within battle to have an unshakable belief in the innate goodness of the human spirit, an indomitable will that cannot be forced into submission, no matter what, and an unquestionable loyalty to the freedom of ALL of life. But this entails severe testing upon the battle field of life - a testing that has all too often broken the fighting spirit of MANY an excellent warrior in the past, and that can still do this, even today. The Guardians term this testing "having to traverse the burning grounds." And I say today because today there are MANY Atl'aman in incarnation that have come into life to serve not only humanity, but also ALL of life, in this moment of very real crisis within the history of humanity. I see these, the beloved warriors of my Toltec brothers and sisters, as points of bright light within the web of life."

Dear Théun, we all agree that this is a dire moment in time for humanity. If Atl'aman have already proven themselves why do they have to traverse the burning grounds AGAIN? How can any warrior be of any real help while they are being attacked, hunted down, shot at, imprisoned, beaten, raped, tortured and crucified? And help is needed NOW!

You wrote:

"Because they come into incarnation with a "spiritual innocence," they NEED a catalyst to once again awaken within them the faint and distant memory of being a warrior that has a purpose to serve, and indeed a purpose to be fulfilled. This catalyst invariably comes in the form of having to temporarily relive some simulation of a painful experience upon the battlefield of life within his or her testing as Atl'aman. I say invariably, for it was within such experiences whilst being tested by the spirit of man, that the would-be Atl'aman either cracks and submits, or else survives the battle, victorious. And so when he or she once again finds him or herself within incarnation, but now faced with this "spiritual innocence," he or she must again be reminded, if I may use such a completely inadequate word here, of why he or she should FIGHT and not submit by capitulating."

Well, this is not fair, Théun! I am not talking about my past experiences, which I can very well see as "simulations" from the standpoint I am at now, and I am grateful for those experiences which have given me so much. No, I am talking about this moment in time, about the need to have all the warriors ready, dusted off and standing up! It takes too bloody long to recover from the physical, emotional and mental wounds with which one emerges from the burning grounds, and there is no time left, the time is up! This is a plea to the Guardians to suspend the "simulations" now, to allow a space in time where to get the needed clarity and gather our power, power to fulfill our purpose.

:) Am I going off the rails? Let's see the full extent of my folly: I just had an "insight" now: that the burning grounds have gone out of hand and have become the global madness of the dream, and that the battle for warriors now is to get as many out of it as possible. Perhaps the Guardians are not in a position to suspend anything after all, it's up to us?

Well, dear Théun, probably this is enough for tonight:)

But one more thing: you very recently wrote:

"P.S. Can you FEEL the difference between a nice warm, cuddly hug as in (BH), or better still, ((BH)), and a hug that is all full of awkward knobly elbows, like! , LOL?"

RATFL! YES! And I am enjoying it all, and, oh! Uh! I am starting to vanish in that ((BH)), pfff!

A plume of smoke. Crack! Please don't mind the noise, just a rib making its way out. Pff! Pff! I am gone.....


"I started BELIEVING. Is this a first step to remembering?"

Yes. It is. Believing, as I explain in the books, is not just any old thing! Instead true believing, that is, with every fibre of your being, is powerful beyond imagination! The Christ demonstrated this to His disciples again and again.

"How do I start to retrieve my memory?"

The restoration of memory is a weird thing, in that it cannot be coerced, solicited or forced in any way. Instead it happens as a result of what I can only term an inner RESONANCE with the NEEDS of those around us. As we start to RESPOND to that need, so the restoration of memory becomes triggered. So the only advice I can give you is to try to ABSORB the needs of those around you, not in the sense of making them your own, but rather in the sense of FEELING them AS IF they are your own. This is analogous to a mother who can always FEEL what her child's needs are even long before the child can talk. This knowledge of the mother is not conscious knowledge UNTIL she has a child and that child calls forth her knowledge of what it is to be a mother. The restoration of memory is also called forth from those around us.

"If Atl'aman have already proven themselves why do they have to traverse the burning grounds AGAIN?"

I perhaps expressed myself badly here, for it is NOT that Atl'aman, once they have proven themselves, need to traverse the burning grounds again, but rather that the burning grounds exist at ALL times, and as such they remain treacherous to ALL of us, no matter what our ranks may be. The warrior who sees himself as being an infallible warrior, irrespective of rank, is as good as a dead warrior, for sooner or later the sharpshooters of the universe will get him. And remember that the sharpshooters are not beings, but are instead the forces of destiny. And the burning grounds have been termed this by the Guardians BECAUSE they serve to burn away all human hubris, and are therefore very MUCH part and parcel of the unfoldment of destiny.

"This is a plea to the Guardians to suspend the "simulations" now, to allow a space in time where to get the needed clarity and gather our power, power to fulfill our purpose."

It is not the Guardians who impose the simulations, but rather our own Dreamers so as to "remind" us what our roles within life are as trained warriors. BUT.......the good news is that these simulations are just that, simulations, and therefore once we see them for what they are, there is miraculously NO real harm done to us, physically, emotionally or mentally, that is, PROVIDED we did NOT submit in any way during the simulation. Submit, in even just a tiny way, and then there is nothing simulated about the consequences! The simulation is not the real thing as we once experienced it during our testings, but the EFFECTS of submitting to that illusion ARE real and CAN cause very REAL harm from which it does indeed take time to recover. Power, my friend, is ever harsh and uncompromising! The rule of the hunt is that we are granted NO quarter and we are shown NO mercy! The winner takes all, and this rule does not change for trained warriors! On the contrary, in being trained, even MORE is expected of us. :)

":) Am I going off the rails?"

No! LOL! Let us just say that like any warrior, once in a while you just HAVE to release the pressure of the constant battle against odds we can never truly conquer. There is nothing wrong in releasing the pressure, provided we do NOT indulge in it. :) Even the Christ had His moment of releasing the pressure in the Garden of Gethsemane.

".....the burning grounds have gone out of hand and have become the global madness of the dream....."

My dear friend, this is very, very true in one way! But it is not that the burning grounds have gone out of hand, but instead it is the madness of the dream that has escalated to severe proportions, and thus has fuelled the flames upon the burning grounds. The burning grounds, however, have ALWAYS been the SOLUTION to the madness of the dream! When one sleeps, there is "blissful" IGNORANCE of the objective reality. But when we wake up from the dream, we are faced with the CONSEQUENCES of lifetimes of madness, and the only way through that madness is to traverse the burning grounds until even the last vestiges of human madness, ignorance and hubris has been turned "white hot" and is thereby transformed into the Elixir of Life of the Alchemist by the Fires of the Forge. In the Old Commentaries, often referred to by the Guardians, it is stated that once an aspirant to freedom undertakes the arduous journey to discipleship, the battle field of life suddenly becomes "the ground that leaps into flame under the feet of the aspirant," and hence its name, the "burning grounds." But Toltecs term this the Fires of the Forge.

"Well, dear Théun, probably this is enough for tonight:) "

:) Well, it was a very good start! I am looking forward to hearing more from you as you enter more and more into your true role and position within this lifetime. :)

"RATFL! YES! And I am enjoying it all, and, oh! Uh! I am starting to vanish in that ((BH)), pfff! A plume of smoke. Crack! Please don't mind the noise, just a rib making its way out. Pff! Pff! I am gone....."

LOL! No you don't! Atl'aman ribs do not crack that easily! And neither are Atl'aman that easily overcome!

BUT.........hmmmmm.........I see what you MAY be referring to. Hmmmmm! Are you saying that your Achilles heel in this lifetime is WARMTH? <g> Hmmmm! Interesting that! So! It may just be possible for power to TEST your resolve as Atl'aman with warmth? In that case I would be VERY careful if I were you! <ebwg> And now it makes even more sense that I ALSO said to you that perhaps instead of giving you a hug when we meet, I may just greet you in Chilean farm style by giving you a slap on the upper arm. At least you cannot be "seduced" by a great big resounding WHACK that makes your teeth rattle! RATF LMAO!

And, oh, by the way, speaking about rattling, we are now becoming quite used to the earth tremors here in Chile!<g> It is an amazing experience, at least it is for me, to firstly hear and then to feel that deep rumble whilst the floor under one's feet begins to move as the house rocks and rolls with windows rattling and lights swinging before everything settles down again. I am always left in awe by the sheer magnitude and magnificence of nature's inherent power when something like this happens! A gentle reminder of the poverty of our human resources. <g> Los perros do not even wake up when this happens, so I guess it is fine, but startling nevertheless when one is not used to earth tremors! LOL! We have not had a really good one for a while now. The last few have been quite mild - no floors moving, and no lamps swinging - just a deep rumble and some shaking.

With all my love, support and laughter,
((BH)) <ww>