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Dear Friends,

In having read A’s latest post in the Living Room I felt that I should support his message to you because what he is bringing you is, as he said, nothing new, but rather the writing on the wall, as it were, which people generally speaking are still trying their utmost best to ignore.

If you have already watched Michael Ruppert in action you will know what I mean, for I can categorically verify that what he is saying is undeniably true! As a seer I have been tracking all of this for many years now, and unlike the news media, the web of life does not lie, simply because it is incapable of lying.

What Michael Ruppert says is true! Shocking as it is, it is nonetheless true! We are facing the worst crisis this planet has ever known, and whilst people continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening around them, the crisis only continues to grow to astronomical proportions, not by the day, but by the HOUR!

The anarchy in the United States which he talks about that will happen, I already saw way back in 1995 within the web of life. In fact, everything which he predicts was already clear to see more than ten years ago. Therefore like him, my own frustration with humanity’s insane PETTINESS in the face of such a huge crisis, has also grown to the point where I now feel utter ruthlessness, and have ZERO empathy for humanity’s coming plight. In an act of survival who cares, to borrow Ruppert’s word, about “the zombies” of this world when they could not be bothered to care for themselves?

And I honestly feel this way about the members of Toltec Legacy as well, which is why I made it clear not long ago, that when the time comes, I wish to take with me, and to work with only those that CAN be of service in the times ahead of us. So to continue along this vein I cannot tell you how BORED I am with people’s pettiness and with their little trivialities!

In the times ahead of us we will see the survival of ONLY the FITTEST, and the annihilation of those that would drag others down because they are TOO PATHETIC to want to help themselves! So to be more explicit, you can continue to waste your time in the Living Room talking CRAP about whether your internal dialogue is on the inside of your body or on the outside! You can continue to talk crap about how stuck you are in the mind! You can continue to talk crap about why you are not participating in a meaningful way! You can continue to talk crap about people needing kindergartens, that they need to be molly-coddled, and that they need better this, and more that, and of the huge importance to appease their idiotic minds! But the truth of the matter is that once it gets down to the survival of the fittest, only those with the wherewithal to survive will survive. The rest will perish and this includes all those that still need kindergartens!

This is, after all said and done, the underlying message in the last injunction I received, which is still JUST as true today as it was then, and this injunction was given already many years ago.

“"The race against time is escalating. The Curtain, being rent, cannot hold much longer. Soon the Temple will be plundered. Tell them who can, to save as much of the Toltec legacy as possible and to keep it safe for their children and the children of their children. In the times to come only what such as these have saved will in any way serve to dimly light the way back to the Source through the Great Darkness which even now is descending rapidly.

"Those who can work must cease their laziness if not all is to be lost. Tell them the opportunity is theirs, and hope and pray they will seize the fleeting moment of chance. Both aspects of Atl must stand revealed for evolution to proceed intelligently in the face of the ancient challenge, but let us hope The Great Sacrifice will not be dimmed by The Divine Rebel.

"Yet tell them also to remember that in these times it is the power and the intent of The Divine Rebel that must be utilised to fight off the current trend towards laziness, apathy, and the inertia born of complacency. The Stalkers of Time will do what they can, but none of us can turn back the clock.

"What will be will be, but let us set our eyes upon the beauty of the Rose and not upon the treacherous thorns of its stem."

Alternatively you can turn the Living Room into what it was always MEANT to be, namely, a place in which to SUPPORT each other in TRUE learning! And what is that learning? Knowledge of SELF! In the times ahead of us it is ONLY knowledge of Self that will equip you for survival. This is something Toltecs know through bitter experience, and it was THIS experience that caused the final split within the Toltec Brotherhood between those of us dedicated to freedom and those within the Brotherhood who wanted to hold onto the grand edifices of abstract theories, the monumental amount of human hubris which had crept in to taint more than half the Brotherhood, and the powerful but nevertheless clumsy rituals that had become the backbone of the Toltec Fraternity.

Those of us who had seen the writing on the wall at that time, did what up until then had always been for us the unthinkable - we turned our backs upon the Toltec Brotherhood and walked away with literally nothing, other than a very deep-seated belief that we had lost our way, and had become immersed in practises that could no longer be justified as being life-supportive. But in doing this it was also necessary for us to REVIEW and to REASSESS everything, every last bit of knowledge we had, for by now it had become all but impossible to distinguish between what was true, and what was false!

The only way in which we could review and reassess our knowledge was by putting it into PRACTICAL APPLICATION within life itself. And so we started all over again, not ASSUMING that ANY of the knowledge we had gathered up until then was necessarily true. And it is this SAME cross road humanity is facing today!

Only THAT knowledge which can sustain life in the days to come will survive, and this only because it has been tried and tested within the fight for survival. From out of this knowledge, tried and tested within life, will arise a new universal religion and a new science. The rest will be abandoned as an act of survival, and this includes philanthropy and moral ethics as these are known to man today, as well as our modern educational systems, modern science, traditional religion, most of allopathic medicine, and the existing financial and economic systems of the world.

Remove all of the systems mentioned above, and what are you left with? A world in which the rule of the hunt is no longer a mere metaphor, but which has now become materialised, namely, in an act of survival no-one can AFFORD to grant a quarter, much less show mercy - the survivor takes all! And I can also confirm what Michael Rupert states in the video A recommended, namely, that xenophobia is as old as humanity itself. But we should not take xenophobia only at its face value.

In a spontaneous seeing I had a few months ago I was shown one of the banking giants of this world having retreated with his family into his safe haven in a world gone mad. In this vision his own body guards walk into the room where he is seated, and guns down him and his pathetic daughter who is whining to her father about some of her petty concerns. The gunning down was done in cold blood! From what I could make out in this seeing, the body guards saw their master and his stupid daughter living in their safe haven as having become “strangers” to the world they had created with their greed for power and money.

But now, in having said all this, I want to come to the point of why I decided to write this communiqué.

I do not agree with everything Michael Rupert says. The man himself says that he is only right 80% of the time! LOL! So there is 20% at least that I disagree with. And this is what I would like to share with you all, for whatever it may be worth to you. 

Yes, Michael Rupert is wise to advise people to build for themselves lifeboats. I do not disagree with this. But what I disagree with is that he has not looked at the long-term implications within this. For how long can ANY community survive in isolation of the One Humanity, the One Life? And what would be the consequences of such a survival, the longer it goes on? This was also something Toltecs learned through bitter experience after the emigrations from Atlantis, and many of the tribes lost contact with one another, and consequently started to live solitary lives of survival, cut off from outside contact.

All knowledge that grew out of such solitary existences became too highly specialised, and therefore out of balance with the world around them. The more out of balance it became, the less and less life-supportive it became, until eventually the specialisation killed the original seed of truth that had fostered life to start with.

So where I feel Michael Rupert is wrong is that his vision for survival is much too short sighted. The only way in which humanity can truly survive, even though MILLIONS will perish before then, is for man to WAKE UP to the FACT that ALL of life is one hundred percent, not 99%, not 75%, not 50%, but 100% interdependent, interactive and therefore also interrelated! Separativeness, NOT ruthlessness, but separativeness, is a most effective means of bringing about the ultimate annihilation of life on a large scale!

So the new journey and indeed also the new vision I have embarked upon is to TRY to lead humanity into seeing HOW to claim back its power through the medium of SELF-SUFFICIENCY in ALL areas of life, but I have NEVER, and I will NEVER advocate us leading separative lives! To do so would be tantamount to mass suicide! So I would not suggest that in having listened to Michael Rupert that you all rush off to build lifeboats in remote valleys! LOL! No, on the contrary, rather follow his advice by staying PUT where you are!

But also do not take this merely at face value. Staying PUT does not mean being a sitting duck waiting to be shot! Staying PUT, the way I see it, is STAYING with what you KNOW you can materialise! And for me this has got nothing to do with whether or not you take to the woods, whether or not you move to another city, or even another country, but rather in ASSESSING for yourself in what way YOU, as the individual, CAN become truly SELF-SUFFICIENT. In other words, what KNOWLEDGE do have right HERE and right NOW that will enable you to survive the times ahead of us?

Is that a shocking question? It SHOULD be shocking! WHAT knowledge do you have right HERE and right NOW that is going to enable you to survive in a world that has gone mad? If you were to lose your job tomorrow, which is becoming more and more likely as the world situation continues to deteriorate, how are you going to make a living for yourself and for your family? If you do not intend to DO something about this question, then for own sake, at least THINK about it!

In fact, what I am telling you in this communiqué is not any different to what I have been telling you all along. It is just that perhaps NOW, after having listened to Michael Rupert, my words may perhaps carry for you more meaning than before.

I repeat, only those that can somehow become self-sufficient will survive the times ahead of us. But of what use is it to survive if you are the only one that survives? No! We cannot afford to be short-sighted. If we are going to survive, then it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that we also see to it that we NEVER forget that there is but One Life, and therefore One Humanity! And here I am NOT talking about charity, philanthropy and free hand-outs! No! I am saying that the ONLY way in which this can work is for as many of us the WORLD OVER to become as self-sufficient as that we will be FORCED into becoming in order to survive!

So drop all your goddamned pettiness, and get REAL! The time for survival is upon us, and so start equipping yourselves with what it means for YOU to be self-sufficient! And in this respect also remember, that just as those that CAN survive WILL stick together, for this is their only hope of survival, in that there is undeniable STRENGTH in numbers, so too will the pathetic zombies of this world huddle together in their self-inflicted misery.

So choose what you would like to be - a survivor, or a zombie! I am afraid that when the crunch comes, and there is only so much of anything to go around, the zombies will find themselves without anywhere to turn to, for the survivors, like the five wise virgins, will have with them only enough “oil” for their own needs! And I am also afraid that Michael Rupert is only TOO right when he insinuates, hints, that when push comes to shove, the zombies will be trampled under foot! And he makes no bones about the fact that he for one could not care less!

And I have said this myself on more than one occasion, namely, that I have ZERO empathy, let alone sympathy for the pathetic zombies of this world! What is the point in trying to help those that do not WANT to help themselves? No. I would much rather INVEST in those that WANT to, who CAN, and who are WILLING! As far as the rest is concerned, my stance is much the same as that of the Guardians of the Race, Who have made it VERY clear that as far as They are concerned, the DESTINY of humanity and of this planet is of FAR greater importance than this immanent disaster facing humanity.

Seen from the Their perspective, the Guardians’ stance makes perfect sense! If one considers that any one person has an untold number of lifetimes in which to learn, then what is one lifetime in comparison to the destiny of man? It is no more than a BLIP on the radar screen! So this is why the Guardians of the Race have stated that no matter how INTENSE and GREAT the suffering this time will bring forth, it is NOT to be taken away from humanity now that it is humanity’s hour of power.

In conclusion I would also like to say that in spite of all the doom and gloom which is immanent, and which unfortunately HAS to be shoved into people’s faces to make them wake up, I am not in ANY way feeling pessimistic and negative! For me the last message from the Guardians was clear, namely, “Those who can work must cease their laziness if not all is to be lost. Tell them the opportunity is theirs, and hope and pray they will seize the fleeting moment of chance.”

The fleeting moment of chance.

Yes. As a warrior I know full well what this means, and as a seer I can see just how SLIM is this fleeting moment! And yet it is PRECISELY within the SEVERITY of this crisis wherein lies our greatest HOPE because it is an unparalled OPPORTUNITY! Never before, not even with the destruction of Atlantis, were we faced with such a dire situation as now. At least with the destruction of Atlantis there was a whole world out there waiting for the emigrants. But now there is nowhere left to run to. This time round we are being FORCED into standing our ground and FIGHTING for our survival! No warrior worthy of the name would have it in any other way.

As Toltec I have contributed my fair share to the Toltec aphorisms through many lifetimes. One of the ones I coined is that “although the human spirit can be waylaid and delayed, it can never truly be defeated.” And this I have seen again and AGAIN, throughout many lifetimes. The FINEST in the human spirit ALWAYS surfaces in DIRE circumstances! And no time before has ever been so dire as the one we are facing now! So I am also VERY excited to see HOW the FINENESS of the human spirit will surface this time round as the collapse of the known world sets in!

BUT………I also wish to leave you with the last aphorism I coined, which was more or less in 2004. It took me from 1995 until 2004 before I could verbalise properly within aphorism format what I could see within the web of life. And I feel that this aphorism only revealed itself now because it only became possible to see it now BECAUSE of the dire straights we are facing!

“The most definitive decision we ever make, is the decision

to be born. Once we are born it is possible, through the

choices and the decisions we make at every crucial point

within our lives, to affect and even to change the

circumstances surrounding the battles we have to face.

However, it is utter folly to assume that we can dictate the

outcome of these battles, and this is for two reasons.

Firstly, underlying the battles we call forth, as well as their

outcome, is a purpose which is predetermined, by virtue of

the fact that the cause underlying the decision to be born

was already in existence before birth. Secondly, the final

outcome of every battle is always a re-definition of that

purpose, arising out of and dependent upon the measure of

impeccability with which we have fought the battle.

Therefore, although the purpose underlying any battle is

predetermined, every outcome nonetheless becomes

causative in itself. Consequently, all of our actions

ultimately lead to the same unpredictable result; that is,

mapping out the unknown in the constant re-definition of

the primeval cause.”

All of us made the decision to be born into these times. The question now is WHY? For what PURPOSE? And the make or break in the situation we are facing, and for which we CHOSE to be born NOW, is that the final outcome of this battle will be a re-definition of that purpose, arising out of and dependent upon the measure of impeccability with which we have fought the battle.

Do you have any feeling, my friends, for the implications within these statements? Do you have any concept at all of what a truly stupendous opportunity this is for us? If you don’t, then do not worry about it, because you are about to find out WHY you CHOSE to be born at this time, whether you like it or not! LOL!

For some it will be to experience the life, the decline and the demise of the zombie. For others it will be THE opportunity to claim personal power like has never before been possible within the space of one all too short lifetime! What will make you the one or the other will be the MEASURE of IMPECCABILITY with which you face the forthcoming times. And what will determine the future of our planet will be the outcome of this battle which will become the cause of how life for humanity unfolds hereafter.

So, yes, we live in an incredible time! I have said this many times before, but I will say it again. You may not be warriors, and you may not have much personal power, but you nevertheless HOLD within your HANDS the power with which to HELP turn what lies ahead of us into an unmitigated disaster for all concerned, and thereby SHAPE the future of our planet and all of life upon it for the WORSE; OR you can HELP to turn what lies ahead of us into a battle that is worthy of the FINEST within the human spirit, and thereby SHAPE the future of our world for the BETTER. And the one and the ONLY contribution we CAN make in the battle which is now upon us, is the MEASURE of our impeccability in the days to come!

This is an AWESOME power to hold within your hands! I hope you can grasp at least this much!  So I would like to see as many of you as possible do somewhat MORE with the power at your disposal than merely building lifeboats! LOL! Lifeboats are great! And lifeboats are also necessary! But only in as far as that the lifeboat can actually TAKE you somewhere! No-one can live in a lifeboat forever! LOL! But if there is nowhere to go to in your lifeboat, then what is the point? You may as well capsize it and drown, for all that your lifeboat is worth to you!

With all my love and support to all of you,

P.S. Is it not interesting that this just so “happens” to be Communiqué 88. A double “8,” a double NEED for Harmony and Balance through Conflict, and which reduces to 16, Liberation through the Power of Intent, which in humanity’s case never happens until the Tower of Destruction manifests.

P.P.S. A and E, wait until I get hold of you two, and THEN we will see who laughs about this ultimate father business! Why do you think I recommended the World of Little People at THIS stage of the game? <ebwg> And for your information, “fathers” like me ARE the true friends of humanity! Why? Because we believe in beating the shit out of you, not so much for what you HAVE done, because beating the child for having split the milk is not going to put the milk back into the bottle, but rather for what you are BUSY doing right now, or simply for what you MAY be THINKING of doing next! <g>

P.P.P.S. The part of Ruppert’s video where I collapsed laughing, excuse the pun, is where these great people, from this great state, with its great history, spent INVALUABLE time WAFFLING some INANE “welcome” to Ruppert, but no-one had the COMMON SENSE to provide the speaker with a glass of water! He actually had to ASK for it before someone woke up! RATF LMAO! And……er……this is the best the United States has to offer? Oh, my God! But, of course, what would the North Americans be without their INFERNAL welcoming committees? No doubt when the devil himself arrives, they will spend HOURS debating who should serve on the welcoming committee, and who gets to say what BEFORE the devil is allowed to stoke his fire with the souls of that city! RATFL!

WRaaa WRRooooaaaa!!!! <g>