Action (s), true from Warriors' Experience

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Theun, for me to bring my true potential to LIFE I need to take Action, I understand this and when the warrior comes up against any obstacles he simply jumps over them, and I have done just that and I can do it again. I have come up against that WALL today and my energy has dissipated for the time being. (However in the process of writing to you I feel my energy coming back to me!!)

This happens to all of us at some stage, but the warrior can not submit to this! If I honestly look at my life over the last 6 months ALL I have been doing is taking action. I landed back in this country on a Saturday and started training and working full-time on the Monday.

I needed to take serious action in order to pull everything together in my life to start making it work for ME, and I did this. I needed to take action in order to further extend on my higher education and enrolled into a intensive masters course full time and continued to work full time. I needed to take action in regard to making music and following my natural gifts in music and singing and I am doing this and opportunities are coming in and doors are starting to open. Then there has been all the action I have taken, for better or worse that I have taken in the relationship with A.

However, we need to know within ourselves about when the time for action is required, as indeed there is also a time for non-action. To do this we follow the dictates of POWER and find within this the clarity we need in order to advance with confidence and strength.

I've been so ACTION this year that I thought that getting a few regular good night sleeps would make everything better, but I'm still feeling absolutely exhausted. However, again when I am taking action I am truly feeling alive and I want to keep going, keep going until the potential you are telling me about is bearing the fruit of my labours.

So to do this I need to focus my energy on what's life supportive for ME, yes?

Thank you Théun.

Signing out,
A Man of Action.


My friend, you will still learn that there is action, and then there is action. In other words, there is being INDUSTRIOUS, what Toltecs term huffing and puffing and sweating up a storm, but all of which is just so much folly! And yet warriors too huff and they puff because it is pleasurable to do so. :) And fun too! <g>

But then there is THAT action which is only possible under extraordinary circumstances, circumstances that only ever present themselves as a fleeting moment of chance. If in that moment you take action, which is to spread the wings of perception to touch both the nagal and the tonal simultaneously, there is no VISIBLE industry, but instead magic happens, magic that changes lives for ever, not only yours, but also those of others who become touched by that magic.

This is what Toltecs term TRUE action, and that marks man as a magical creature of the universe and a creator - man made in the image of his father on high! :) To this end the warrior huffs and he puffs, and he sweats just like any other man, except that the ordinary man BELIEVES that all his huffing and puffing has value, whereas the warriors knows that the only value his huffing and puffing holds, is that it eases the relentless pressure of waiting for his fleeting moments of chance in which he can take true action. :)

With warm regards,