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Théun, as you say, "We have NO hope in hell of becoming warriors in this lifetime." But we still have to keep trying right? In a way I feel more confused than ever! Maybe this is a good thing, after all my approach so far hasn't really worked. In the books you talk about the apprentice who is constantly huffing and puffing to show the nagal that he is trying ever so diligently to change, only to receive howls of laughter in response. I am that apprentice.

There has been a suggestion that I take on the role of leader in the Spook-Ane Waxworks project. On the one hand my instinct is to shirk this responsibility on the grounds that I am unqualified and undoubtedly will make a total mess of things due to my complete lack of knowledge. On the other is a voice from my heart telling me this is my fate and that I may learn what I need to learn by taking on this responsibility. Will you offer guidance on this matter.

Also, can you explain (again) the toltec definition of "self-sufficiency," and how it correlates with being of service to the one-life? In other words, where is the line between looking out for our own survival and the exchange of energy with the larger community and what is the currency of that exchange?

Can I come visit you?

Your circus inmate.

P.S. If you agree to my request for a visit I will contact the concierge and not bother you further with the details.


"Théun, as you say, "We have NO hope in hell of becoming warriors in this lifetime."............"

Hmmmm. When last did you read the books, I wonder? :) Allow me to jolt your memory a little. :)

"At this point in his training the apprentice is very aware of the fact that he is desperately trying to live like a warrior, but that he is still a long way off from being able to claim that status – a fact he will be reminded of constantly by the nagal. In other words, the apprentice knows he is living a myth, but by being caught in this myth he also knows that he cannot afford to quit, and therefore has no option but to do his utmost to live that myth impeccably. What this really means is that the apprentice is now no longer just trying to practise not-doing in his pursuit of a romantic ideal, but has instead become so absorbed in his attempts to survive the constant onslaughts of the nagal, that he actually starts to live a not-doing.

"The moment the apprentice has started to live his life like a not-doing, he initiates a chain reaction within himself which cannot be stopped..............Now that he has ceased sitting around disgruntled because the nagal is not fulfilling his expectations, but instead taking full responsibility for his life, his knowledge, and therefore also his power, the apprentice makes every effort to live the impeccable life of a warrior, and in doing so, comes to the realisation that he can only do this within the context of his daily life.

"This total change of attitude marks the all-important point at which the transformation process is initiated, not because the nagal has waved a magic wand, but simply because he has tricked the apprentice into starting this process within himself, by forcing him to fight for his own survival, his sense of sanity, and ultimately, his own self-worth. This is the greatest gift of power a nagal can possibly give to any apprentice. To be shaken lose from the debilitating restraints of our social conditioning, and to be given back confidence in one’s own worth and in one’s own potential, is a great gift indeed, and yet even this gift pales into insignificance next to the gift of transformation the apprentice gives himself in the process of getting to this point.

"By far the most important aspect of the act of transformation is that elusive phenomenon known as the Mists of Dragon Lore."

Now go refresh your memory for yourself and by yourself. :) Although I doubt that it will do you much good! LOL!

"There has been a suggestion that I take on the role of leader in the Spook-Ane Waxworks project."

<g> Well, are you surprised? LOL! I saw this one coming from a mile away! <g> You have been building up to it for ages now! Just exactly how many years? <ebwg>

"........a voice from my heart telling me this is my fate and that I may learn what I need to learn by taking on this responsibility. Will you offer guidance on this matter. "

LOL! Then what is there for me to say? When the heart speaks, and provided we are willing to listen, it is always loud and clear! :) I cannot possibly give you better guidance than what your own Dreamer has just given you. But if it is confirmation you are looking for, then, yes, I agree fully with your Dreamer. :)

".............I am unqualified and undoubtedly will make a total mess of things due to my complete lack of knowledge. "


My friend, what do you mean by qualified? Who of us are ever truly qualified for anything when it comes to mapping out the Unknown? :)

No. It is not qualifications that are needed for what lies ahead of you, but just your HEART and your WILLINGNESS to try! People never want to believe this when I tell them that this all that is required. But it is true.

If you listen to your heart, and you have the courage and the willingness to follow the dictates of your own heart, then you do not need nagals, or books, or aphorisms or even support. Instead you already HOLD within your own HANDS everything you NEED for this most extravagant of journeys we term life! :) Everything else, nagals, teachings, books, techniques, you name it, are but the necessary PROPS we need UNTIL we can, like the infant, stand up and walk!

You have just stood up! LOL! And now no doubt, just like the infant, you are going to plop down on your bottom again, kicking and screaming in frustration! LOL! But remember what I said to one of your fellow apprentices not so long ago; infants are allowed to scream their heads off, for in this way they exercise their intent to stand up and to walk! You have just stood up, which means that you CAN walk! Now DO it! No-one can do it FOR you! :)

"........can you explain (again) the toltec definition of "self-sufficiency," and how it correlates with being of service to the one-life? "

LOL! No, I am not AGAIN going to ex-plane this! <g> Instead I am going to remind you of what I wrote in Vol. IV, for this says everything about self-sufficiency that you need to know. :)

"The stage is set, and the only thing that is required now, is for individuals all over the world to become desperate enough to start believing that they can claim their power and to do so. If the individual can rise to this challenge, political, religious and racial barriers will collapse overnight as men and women everywhere start to stand together in the true spirit of democracy to say, “Enough is enough! We are now taking back our power and will determine for ourselves the course to be followed in setting up a new world and a new life”. This is the crossroad which was mentioned in Volume 1 – a truly breathtaking opportunity for all men and women to claim their power, their freedom, and their divine birthright.

"Both the Guardians of the Race and we as Toltecs firmly believe that average men and women are ready to receive their heritage and to claim their power. This is the moment the Warriors of Freedom have hoped for, prayed for, and worked for, for as long as any of us can remember, and the Guardians for even longer. This is humanity’s hour of power, this is the Cry of the Eagle – a fleeting moment of chance that man cannot afford to miss.

"Toltecs stand ready to play their part in giving any assistance that they are capable of, but my challenge to you as the reader is, are you prepared to take what we are offering you and to use it? Are you prepared to forego a life of bondage and claim your freedom? Are you willing to exchange powerlessness for power? Are you willing to be a victor instead of a victim? Are you willing to exchange a life of dull routine for a bright adventure of hope? Are you willing to stand up and be counted instead of being only a number? Are you willing to live instead of merely existing? Are you willing to take charge of your own life, or would you prefer to keep handing your power over to someone else? Are you willing to believe in yourself? Are you willing to believe that you as an individual do have the power which is your birthright? And above all, are you willing to change your actions, to stop practising separativeness and to join hands with those who strive for the freedom of all?

"If you feel that you have what it takes, then stand up and be counted. Stop indulging in feelings of helplessness and apathy. Each and every person has something to offer, no matter how small or little it may be, and at this time of dire need, I can assure you every little bit counts and is of enormous value. In the challenge facing humanity every man and woman is needed, irrespective of talent or ability, and therefore the opportunity for all is also quite obviously unprecedented. In this respect it is not the sky that is the limit, but your belief in yourself.

"We are not challenging you to become anti-establishment, or to take up military arms, but we are challenging you to become anti-social-conditioning, and to arm yourself with the sobriety, the courage, and the spirit of the warrior. It is not another world war that is needed, but a world revolution in terms of man’s way of thinking and his belief systems. It is not that governments have to be overturned, but rather that people everywhere must claim back their power, and stop handing it over to unscrupulous men and women who are only interested in promoting their own personal ambitions in the name of democracy. It is not that the judicial systems of this world have to be crippled, for then we will see anarchy like never before, but what is needed is for men and women to start questioning the horribly outdated legal tenets which are based upon man’s social conditioning. We all need to acknowledge and to adhere to universal law, but there is no need for any person be subjected to the gross injustices and humiliation of man-made laws based upon ignorance and prejudice, and most especially not where so-called common law violates the constitution of a country and its bill of human rights. This same yardstick should also be applied to every other department of human endeavour; religious, scientific, educational and medical, for political and judicial practices are but a reflection of all these. It is time for men and women everywhere

to stop leaving their lives and their future in the hands of the so called experts, and to start using their own ability to think and to discriminate for themselves.

"All of this is something that is one hundred percent the responsibility of every individual, for only the individual can claim his power by himself, for himself. No-one can claim our power for us, or on our behalf. If individuals the world over do

respond to the opportunity presented by this crossroad, then we will see coming into being what Toltecs refer to as Dragon Lore.

"Dragon Lore is not at all easy to explain in rational terms, but let it suffice for now to say that Dragon Lore is the product of having initiated that aspect of awareness termed discrimination. Dragon Lore starts with sobriety but ends in what can only be termed a true expression of man’s godlike potential as a magical creature of the universe. Superstition and old wives’ tales have led people to believe that magic is acquired through some supernatural process, but this is not true. The magic of man is acquired through an act of sobriety, which ultimately leads to an act of intent. Therefore what appears to be magic to the uninitiated, is purely an act of intent, a potential which is common to every man, woman and child. In this respect, realise that only fools stand in awe to gape at another who is exhibiting this potential. No-one in his right mind would even think of gawking like a village idiot at a professional tennis player, and of whispering non-sensical words like “supernatural”. We may well admire and applaud with enthusiasm the skill and the expertise of the tennis player, but to look upon these as being supernatural is just plain ignorance.

"Dragon Lore is an expression of the true nature of man. However, just as it takes a great many years of hard training in order to become a really accomplished tennis player, so too does it take many lifetimes of an even harder training to start bringing out our true nature as man. But realise too, that we can only start wherever we are at, and unless we make a start, we will never get there. Therefore, although the true nature of man might at this moment appear to be a vague nebulous

“something out there”, it is nonetheless the beginning of true man, just as it is also the beginning of a star.

"Those great intelligences which periodically manifest by indwelling what we call a star, start their physical existence by using their intent to gather around themselves cold and insubstantial gasses. Then by an act of their focused intent, an aspect of which is recognised by science as gravity, these beings begin to materialise from out of these gasses the body of what is to become a star. True man, the microcosm of the macrocosm, is in truth a solar being, and therefore, when finally the human being has reached a point in its evolution where its own true inner nature can begin to manifest itself within life upon the dense physical plane, then just like its progenitor, the inner core of the human being begins to focus its intent, and starts to gather around itself what are termed the Mists of Dragon Lore. This is the beginning of true man, that magical creature which has all the potential and the power of a true star.

"As has already been mentioned, the stage is set, and men and women on average are ready to commence their careers, no longer as human beings, but as true man, as stars of the universe. The mists have already started to coalesce in response to humanity’s intent, and in this respect the tide of evolution cannot be stemmed, but just as the birth of a star is a thoroughly unstable and therefore a potentially dangerous occurrence, so too does the present moment in the history of humanity mark a crisis point. It is for this reason that discrimination is so vitally important now, for the success of this birth depends entirely upon the individual human being.

"In order to grasp the above point fully, it must never be forgotten that there is only one life and one awareness. Every individual is a unit of this one life and this one awareness. In other words, every individual is like a particle of gas. However,

one particle of gas cannot become a star, for the simple reason that the mechanics involved in the formation of a star require the interaction between an untold number of particles. This is true also of man, and it is for this reason that the dreamers of mankind are completely group-conscious.

"True group-consciousness has absolutely nothing to do with any of the moral issues with which most people have come to associate it, but instead it has its basis in intelligent co-operation, based upon the interdependence, the interaction, and therefore the interrelationship of all life. This does not imply that the individual can never become true man in his or her own right, but it does imply that in order to do so the individual must cease being separative and must become group-conscious..............."

"..........where is the line between looking out for our own survival and the exchange of energy with the larger community and what is the currency of that exchange?"

It is only man's seperative ways and thinking that has led you to believe that it is possible to draw such a line. But this is an illusion. Because there is only One Life, and because ALL of life is THOROUGHLY interrelated, interactive and therefore interdependent, we CANNOT draw a line and say, "This is for me, and that is for you!" However, this also does NOT mean that you should give unto those that are either too lazy, or too apathetic to help themselves! No. Remember the rule of the hunt at all times, for this is a prime universal law, and as Christ Himself stated, "To them that have shall be given, and from them that have not shall be taken even the little they do have!"

But in everything you do as a community, remember ALWAYS that your own survival depends upon the survival of those around you. So support them that, like you, wish to fight for their lives, but pay no attention to the helpless "victims" of power! Allow power to sort out those that still NEED to learn the lesson concerning the rule of the hunt! They, like all of us, have been given the teachings, if not the Toltec teachings, then nevertheless the teachings in some other form, and they like all of us, have seen the writing on the wall. Now they must walk their talk, just as we all have to walk our talk, and they have to take the consequences of their actions just as we have to take the consequences of our actions.

And now you may rightfully ask, "But, Théun, have you not just done what you said cannot be done, or should not be done, namely, drawing a line between "them" and "us?"

And this is my response.

No. It is not ME that has drawn this line. Instead it is those of our brothers and sisters who REFUSE inclusiveness and who FAVOUR instead separativeness, that has caused this rift between us, a rift that was never meant to be. But I cannot be held responsible for the actions of my brothers, any more than you can. I can only be responsible for my own actions. Our brothers and sisters KNOW what they NEED to do, IF they so wish. And IF they take the steps they NEED to take they also KNOW that they will find our doors open to them. But not before. Christ pointed out VERY clearly, "Knock! And the door will be opened. Seek, and you shall find!" But He did not say, "Demand to have Life on your own terms and it shall be granted!" No.

There is a most beautifully poignant toast that is given in Free Masonry. After the Lodge has been closed, and after the "dinner" has been served, the Tyler of the Lodge (that is the one standing outside the door of the Temple (quote) "with drawn sword, fending of all cowans and intruders), rises from the table and proposes a toast. Everyone at this point stands, turns away from the "feast of the Lord" to face the walls, and with glass in hand, repeats after the Tyler:

"To all poor and distressed brethren, wherever they may be, in the AIR, at SEA or on the LAND, may they be granted a safe and speedy return, SHOULD they so desire."


More than this, my dear friend, we cannot do! We can hold our wayward brethren in our hearts, but we cannot force them to drink the water. We hold them within our hearts, but we leave them to power to sort them out! LOLS. And do not forget that power is not an entity out there, but is instead the collective intent within the act of perception to be found in the One Life. :) Remember also the parable of the five wise virgins and five stupid virgins. Do not give your power to those that are too lazy, too stupid or to apathetic to harvest their own power, for this will not serve them nor you.

".........what is the currency of that exchange? "

This currency comes in many forms. It can come as exchanging pumpkins for sausages, or as exchanging the schooling of your kids for mending roofs. Or it may comes as giving of your knowledge of electricity in exchange for something you want from your neighbours. Or it may be as simple as giving each other moral support when the storms come. But in all cases the practicalities of survival will make the currency clear, and your hearts will set the "prices." :) Within the REALITY of life, there are some things that can be bought, and therefore that can be paid for. In all such transactions, for transactions they are, there is no debt involved. But there are some things in life which cannot be bought, and therefore they also cannot be paid for. In all such cases we are called upon to make an INVESTMENT within the account of man, and all investments sooner or later yield their dividends according to what we invested. Strive to be prudent in all of your transactions, and strive to be open-handed in all of your investments, and your coffers will never be empty. This much I can promise you. :)

"Can I come visit you? "

:) I would love to see you again, but I do not feel that this is really necessary right now. I believe in and I support what you are wanting to do, but in this I have already in this email given you ALL that I can give you at this moment in time. Now you must dream in the future and allow your heart and power to guide you. If you were to come to the Temple of Peace right now all I would be able to give you is my belief in you, my love, my warmth, my strength and my support. But you already have these now. :) So rather save your time and your money for better things. I am quite sure, that it will not be long before we can all meet in Chile for a wild celebration. :) And then I would love to sit down with you and hear all your tales of power, and share with you in your struggles, your hopes, your fears and your joys. :) In the meantime I am only an email away. :)

With all my love and support,
And my biggest and warmest hug, my dear friend. :) You have worked long, hard and persistently for this moment to come. Now it is here for you to take hold of with both HANDS. :)