Glamour, and idealism from Warriors' Experience

  • Glamour, and idealism


Théun, what is really meant by glamour and idealism.


Toltecs always link glamour and idealism because they are two sides of the same coin, namely, egotism.

Every person that can read and write understands the face value oif idealism and of glamour, but when Toltecs refere to idealism and glamour we rae not referring to the gross face value with which everyone is familiar, but rather to the extremely SUBTLE traps posed by both idealism and glamour. Let us look at each in turn, but in doing so we will not here concern ourselves with the well-known face value of these two characteristics of human perception.

Idealism is the direct result of the 6th Ray that has been in force, and therefore heavily influencing the evolution of human awareness for a very long time now, but which is is now passing out of incarnation as the 5th Ray starts to manifest. The 6th Ray is all about DEVOTION to an ideal, irrespective of what the ideal is. Needless to say, devotion is an EMOTION triggered by a specific mind set, which is representative of a particular view of the world, and because devotion is a particularly powerful emotion, it is an emotion that COLOURS every act of the person under its influence, physical, emotional and mental.

So a person who is dovoted to an ideal, will spend an enormous amount of energy PHYSICALLY trying to materialise his ideal on the physical plane, and to this end he will use ALL of his mental capabilities to contemplate how best to do this. Needless to say, if he is supported in his ideal his emotions will reflect this, but if he is not supported in his efforts his emotions will likewise reflect this. But the point is, physically, emotionally and mentally the man is one hundred percent ABSORBED by his ideal. Being one hundred percent absorbed, he is utterly and completely SUBJECTIVE in his approach towards life, and therefore closed, defensive of his thoughts, emotions and physical actions, and very prejudiced against and highly judgemental of all and everything that he sees as not matching his perceived ideal.

Perhaps the easiest example of idealism that we can all see within life, is the example of the Church. The attitude of the Church up until not so very long ago, was very much a mindset of, "If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, we will KILL you!" LOL! Needless to say, this very QUICKLY became, "If you do not believe in ME, a good Christian, then I am right and YOU are wrong, and you should be exterminated, and go to hell where you will burn for all eternity!" But this always happens when one's view is purely subjective, namely, the transpersonal very quickly becomes the personal, and the Unspeakable becomes the personal buddy of SOME very special chosen people! LOL! So suddenly the world is FULL of people that are VERY "knowledgeable" about God, about what God wants for humanity, and about how God should be served. These people have a direct line to God, and because of this superior "knowledge" they, of course, also know what is best for you and for everyone else! LOL!

But idealism does not stop at only religion. No, if you look carefully enough you will see that it infiltrates EVERY department of human endeavour, justice, science, education, medicine, philanthropy, philosophy, psychology, and you name it! We today have all these "experts" in the world that have the answers to everything, and that are all competing against each other in trying their best to tell everyone else what to, how to do it, and when to do it! And it all started with what was a very EXCELLENT thing to begin with, DEVOTION to a cause, and the ZEALOUNESS with which to materialise that cause. But what always goes wrong when idealism is not directed by the heart, but becomes instead an affair of the mind, is that idealism becomes FANATICISM. And fanaticism comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. We have mothers that are fanatical about their children's personal hygiene. We have fathers that are fanatical about their sons being brilliant at soccer or at their academic schooling. We have people who are fanatical about saving the planet! People who are fanatical about not smoking, not drinking, not having sex, not eating meat, or whatever else! And we have people that are equally fanatical about rebelling against all of this, in terms of becoming drug addicts, social drop-outs etc. But irrespective of what form the fanaticism takes, it always boils down to an IDEAL that became hijacked by the mind!

So from all of the above it should be clear to see that it is not idealism as such that is bad. On the contrary, idealism is but the HEART'S RESPONSE to an impulse within Life. But what is bad is when the MIND now hijacks this RESPONSE by turning the SUBJECTIVE PERCEPTION of the impulse into the golden calf! The impulse in itself is divine, and the RESPONSE it invokes within the HEART of man is good! But when the PERCEPTION of this response is then turned into THE so-called "ideal," we end up with a total mess at best, and with a very life-destructive fanaticism at worst!

Idealism, even though the 6th Ray is now passing out of incarnation, is still VERY prevalent in the world today, and most especially amongst men and women of goodwill. LOL! And we find it even on the Warrior's Path, for to become a warrior is very much an ideal! And it is exactly because of this reason that Toltecs warn that neither ambition or fear is going to enable you to become a warrior. And fear and ambition always goes hand in hand when it comes to idealism. On the one hand you have the ambition to DO something because you believe, or rather PERCEIVE that it is going to get you to great places, whilst on the other hand you have the fear of what will happen if you don't do it! LOL! So as a rule of thumb, if you can detect either fear or ambition in yourself, or both, then you can take it as a given that you are submitting to idealism. It takes a GREAT deal of training upon the Warrior's Path to be able to stand sufficently DETACHED from both fear and ambition to see the true PURPOSE behind the IDEAL for what it really is, rather than to submit to your SUBJECTIVE PERCEPTION, and therefore your SELECTIVE PERCEPTION, of that ideal and the underlying purpose that gave rise to it. By far the most distinguishing characteristic of idealism goes like this, "So, my dear, now that we know about intelligent co-operation let us practice it. I am intelligent, which means that you must co-operate." LOL!

Glamour is even MORE difficult to see than is idealism, for the simple reason that it is much more subtle than idealism. Let us take as an example, marriage.

Most people get married because they THINK that it is going to bring them the life they want for themselves. It is the rare individual indeed that gets married because he or she wants to learn about him or herself. And married couples have children for the same reason. They THINK that having chledren is going to bring them a great deal of happiness. In those marriages in which the two people concerned DO end up loving each other deeply, and where their children DO bring them a lot of joy, are invariably those people that have through experience LEARNED to let go of their EXPECTATIONS of what their marriage and their children will bring them. Those that never learn to give up their expectations get divorced, they become angry or bitter, and their children also bring them no real joy, but remain a worry, if not a burden.

So already we can begin to see that with both idealism as well as with glamour, the problem lies in the MIND. Idealism is about the mind having PERCEIVED the purpose underlying the motive as being something which it is not; glamour is caused by the mind's INTERPRETATION of what is happiness, and what will bring forth that happiness. So from this it is clear that whereas idealism is much more universal in nature, glamour is far more personal in nature. If we were all warriors, and all our governments were based upon the laws of the universe, THEN we would all be happy, is the IDEAL. It is universal by nature, for it includes many, even if not everyone. But if my wife were to support me in becoming the best male I can be, THEN we would both win and be happy, is the GLAMOUR. If my husband would not spend so much time on Toltec Legacy, and pay more attention to his family, we would both win and we would all be happy, is the GLAMOUR. The glamour is far more personal than is the ideal, and in all cases it is based upon the concept of happiness.

Furthermore, idealism has a very strong MORAL aspect to it, in that it is for the good of............. Whereas glamour is not necessarily based upon any morals, but purely upon what the individual THINKS will make him or her happy. So the Mafia Boss is not particularly worried baout the morals and the ethics of his business, for his only concern is his own well-being and happiness. This is his glamour, namely, happiness, and what it takes to get that happiness. Likewise, the apprentice to the Warrior's Path learns very quickly that it is not going to be his morals or his ethics that gets him to be where he would like to be, but instead it is power that he needs, personal power! And so without even realising it, the glamour of having power and what he is going to do with that power has already set into his mind, and so his whole approach to the Warrior's Path becomes coloured by his glamour concerning power. And then when he finds that his progress is being blocked every which way, and mostly by his own Dreamer, he wonders what he is doing wrong? LOL! But then he discovers ruthlessness, and so with GRIM DETERMINATION he sets about beating the shit out of everyone around him, driven by both his idealism as well as his glamour! And then when he has flattened half the world around him, he wonders why he now has no friends, and why he is still just as powerless as when he first started off? LOL!

In the explanation I have given above I have kept it as simple as possible to make these two concepts at least somewhat clearer than they appear to be at their face value. But please realise that both idealism as well as glamour have no bounds to their manifestations, the one manifestation simply being more subtle than the previous one, and this because both are rooted within egotism. So the only way in which to overcome both idealism and glamour, and to stand free from both, is to learn the meaning of true selflessness within the context of group-consciousness. Within the light of true group-consciousness both idealism and glamour is seen for the ILLUSIONS they are. Both idealism and glamour can ONLY exist within a SEPARATIVE state of mind! Wherever there is a perceived you and me, a them and an us, a good and an evil, a male and a female, a light and a dark, nagal and tonal, we will find idealism and glamour, for as I said right at the beginning, the two are the two sides of the SAME coin, egotism, as opposed to selflessness as in units of the One Life.

I always like to give the following rule of thumb to apprentices working with idealism and glamour.

The idealism is, YOU need to make some sacrifices here in order for both of US to win, whether you agree or not! Note how the YOU contradicts the US, and how the whole concept of idealism negates the freedom of the individual.

The glamour is, if we BOTH see things in the SAME way, and if we BOTH do things in the SAME way, then we can BOTH win. Note how the BOTH speaks on behalf of the other person, and therefore violates the rights and the freedom of the individual, and how the whole concept of glamour is based upon the ILLUSION of SAMENESS, and how that SAMENESS is what makes us happy!

So in idealism we have, "Now listen here, old chap! YOU just comes to the party here and then WE can all win and be happy!"

And in glamour we have, "Now listen here old chap! YOU must be the SAME as ME, and then we can all win and be happy!"

I trust that this guidance will serve you in the sense of at least giving you a point of departure in exploring all the myriads of different ways in which both idealism and glamour manifests within our lives.

With all my love and support,