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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

All of us who hope to become Beacons of Light in North America must come together in terms of forming a True Group. This means that we must come together in terms of both form and spirit, location and intent.

BUT, in order to truly come together, we absolutely MUST stay true to our own hearts. This is not as difficult it may seem to be. To stay true to our hearts just means that we strive to materialize what we WANT to the best of our ability. Each step we take, we realize that we were not fully understanding what our heart was telling us. But, with every step, we are able take the knowledge gained from previous steps, and realign ourselves within the context of our greater understanding. Every step we take will be a little more accurate, a little closer to our truth. Just "follow your bliss", as Joseph Campbell wrote. We just have to keep walking.

In order to form a True Group we must stay true to our own hearts because our hearts are the central pillar of our constitutions. To align ourselves with our hearts (what we truly want) is to be one with ourselves. We obviously can not be one with each other if we are not one with ourselves. Once we are one with ourselves, we can strive to harmonize our Intent with the Intent of the others in the Group.

All we must know at the time being is that we, at this point in our lives, feel the desire to be of service in North America. If we share this, than I believe that the details will work themselves out with time.

But besides striving to be one with ourselves and with each other, we must also strive to be one with the community.

Selling potatoes at the farmers market will not cut it.

We must occupy a community. Not like a military force, but like how the Spirit occupies the Form. The community must become a body through which we express our potential. Than, like with the evolution of awareness, we gradually awaken within the Form, eventually to become at one with the Form.

We must become the central pillar of the community, in terms of providing a focused intent.

If we have a farm and the city is starving the people are going to come and try to take our food. We could fend them off for a while, but we would eventually fail.

We must secure enough land to grow and raise all of our food needs, but this is not enough. We must encourage everyone in the community to do the same. We must conjure up the largest urban agriculture movement in the world.

We must build a situation that, if the world does come crashing down, our community will be structured in such a way that there will be enough food being produced for everyone to survive. How can we survive if our neighbors are literally willing to kill in order to get a meal for them and their families? There is no difference between Selfishness and Selflessness, if we look at the whole picture.

THAN, upon this foundation (of Health and Wellness), a new civilization will be built.

New Science, New Religion. New architecture, new music, new health and wellness centers, new restaurants, new construction methods, new therapies, new everything.

Grandiose? What other option do we have? We are approaching the end of the Known world, and we have to do something about it.

We must act as if there will be more of us.

Garrett, my brother, my thoughts are that we should all wait until March, and go into the States legally for six months, and then return. We could continue this for years to come. To me, we are part of the Great Plan, and this work is a long term project. I feel we would be better off to everyone if we did not martyr ourselves at this point. You know me, willing to go on a road trip to Hell, provided we can stop for dinner and I can smoke in the car, LOL. But, wouldn't it suck to get barred from the States at this point? We might have another 10, 20, 30 years left in us, eh! I lived like I might not see another day for a while, but than I realized, that there is a chance that I will be alive tomorrow, and that I will have to suffer the consequences of my actions, LOL. We have so much more room to be wild and crazy (adventurous) within the context of the law, and I think we should take this up, before jumping the line into illegality. Just wanted to throw that at you! :)

I offer this post as a Bisexual Courier to the nagal. I didn't think this up over lunch break. I died in order to extract a small portion of New. This is the best I am able to communicate the feelings that have come up within me over the course of the last little bit.

So, I offer this to both Alexander and Andrew and All, do with it what you want, Iâ??m going for a cigarette. ;)

With love,

PS: Will Life Becoming Manifest be trampled on yet again? Wouldn't surprise me. But, before you trample, please ask yourself, how long is it before Life Becoming Manifest tramples on YOU?




Yes! IN-DEED! Life Becoming Manifest trampling all OVER!

But...you STUPID son of a bitch, and a bitch she must have been in giving birth to YOU, for you NEVER got the message, did you? There is but ONE LIFE, and ALL of Life is utterly and COMPLETELY interdependent, interactive and therefore ALSO inter-related!

Courier to the nagal! What a LAUGH! A TRUE bisexual! What a RAUCOUS laugh! Courier to Life Coming Into Manifestation? What...???????? RAUCOUS LAUGHTER at what the FUCK is HE talking about?


My "friend," I think you have just had one TOO many smokes, and one TOO many wanks! LOL!

I am OUT of here - this MAD circus that goes nowhere with the likes of you and Joseph, Lyz, MA, Night Hawk, Patricia, the wannabe-seer, and many others of YOUR brothers and sisters. By ALL means collect your brothers and sisters, for I told you a LONG time ago that you are MAD, but if ONLY you were to PURSUE your madness we MAY just actually get somewhere! But since then you have vacillated between "smoking" and "wanking" to the EFFECT of NO-ONE in this bloody circus going anywhere! In other words, your TALKING does NOT match your walking, and so the circus, a mirror of you, SITS with EYES glased over HOPING to come to a climax that never COMES!

So with Couriers like you, Shane, who NEEDS enemies, my "friend?" ?

BUT... being a Courier to the nagal, and by DEFAULT, at least you made me understand that my time in THIS circus is up!

Those who go with me already KNOW who they are! They have known since day one when coMra-Therapy was given to us in a DREAM! We GO, Shane, to heal the world, whilst YOU sit around smoking, wanking and "dreaming" up ILLUSIONS of grandeur, you stupid, stupid, STUPID North American, SLOB, disgrace to the human species!

Goodbye, my "friend!" As you said, your PENIS, your "Spear of Destiny," carries a birthmark! LOL! Would your name by any chance be...?

Good bye, circus! The last trapeze act, the ONE and ONLY trapeze act worth watching, has JUST taken place! If you are wondering what I am saying, then do yourselves a favour and watch the movie "Trapeze," starring Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis and Gina Lollobrigida. The scriptwriter and the producer "SAW" a whole lot more than modern Couriers to Life Coming Into Manifestation manage to see through their arseholes! THAT is for SURE!

I, for YOUR sake, Shane, sincerely HOPE that you will see the mirror in good ole’ Lollo, and LEARN from that mirror! LMAO!

With ALL my love and also with ALL of my sadness,

P.S. Adios, amigos! I will not be answering any more requests for guidance, other than from those who KNOW their hearts, and who are also therefore WITH me. These people already KNOW who they are, and how to contact me should they need to, even though I have not told them anything to this effect! But any further guidance will NOT happen through Toltec Legacy! My work with respect to Toltec Legacy is finished! I have DONE my bit! What is left is YOURS to DO! ?

P.P.S. It is also interesting, is it not, that we should end on Communiqué 95 - 14 - New Knowledge! ?

With all my heart,
Théun Mares,
The Dragon Wolf,
Son of Mara, the One of Tears

P.P.P.S. "Until," as Genaro says to Carlos, "We meet again upon some forgotten road, and again upon that road I become like dust in your eyes!" ?

P.P.P.P.S God bless you all! ? I tried, but your MINDS were FASTER! LOL!