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Working alone vs working in a group.

'But in everything you do as a community, remember ALWAYS that your own survival depends upon the survival of those around you. So support them that, like you, wish to fight for their lives, but pay no attention to the helpless "victims" of power!'

In looking back in my life, I can see that from childhood already, I have always opted for working in a group of some kind, as I have found that working on my own I tend to approach life with an attitude of "what can I get away with?"!

In the 90's, before I left the corporate world, I began to wake up and to see even more reasons for doing anything, in a group, rather than on my own. It wasn't just to keep me disciplined and on track with anything I embarked upon. It was just so much more!

So yes, with my long distance running career for example, I had 6 running buddies who kept me setting my alarms and out training and running races all over the country at some ungodly hours – the road races are scheduled like this so as not to disrupt traffic too much – and as a result I completed many marathons and eventually ultra-distance marathons! A major feat (feet) in my book!! Lol!

What I started to see and experience was the warmth and camaraderie that was emerging from our healthy competitive natures. I started to experience true support, the support that eventually had me opening up to this group about deeply personal events I had experienced and their psychological impacts on me. I didn't realise it at the time, but that small band of ladies helped me to heal so much in my life.

I came to realise how we all affected each other, for better or for worse. We saw each other through all life’s daily challenges – and we killed off many a boss and a lover as we hit those trails and those pavements together! Lol! Eventually we were all so tuned into each other that all of us had our monthly menses at the same time!

How mysteriously beautiful is that?!

It got me really curious and then fascinated by how groups work.

And that is when I met Théun!!

Ever since those days I have come to appreciate working with groups in a very different way. I am very much aware now of the impact one has from the concept of "if you uplift yourself, you uplift all around you. If you let yourself down, you let down all those around you too?".

I currently am experiencing this within my profession – Chartered Accountancy, mainly coming from the audit side of things.

One of the big 4 audit firms here in South Africa has been involved with some very shady characters connected with government. KPMG produced a report for the SA Revenue Service that resulted in the Minister of Finance, his Deputy and other very senior executives being fired, which brought our currency cashing down and downgradings ensuing from all the major Rating Agencies….we are now rated one above junk status!:-(

It has now emerged that this Report was falsified in favour of the agenda of those who commissioned it, an ethical action at minimum that will result in those being found guilty of being struck off the roll of Chartered Accountants - and thus never being able to practice again!

The impact of this revelation of the actions of a few has knocked our whole profession sideways. There is a massive call out to bring crashing down this huge audit firm. The international arm of KPMG is out here now trying to keep the local company together, but the ripple effects have hit the whole profession hard. Our profession is supposed to engender trust and if you see the designation CA(SA) you are supposed to know you are dealing with someone of integrity.

The cornerstone of the profession is trust... so quo vadis this profession!? All are scrambling to find every spin doctor they can to hold firm for the 97% of the group who are not indulging in such insanities!

With some awareness now I see the flip side of these shenanigans.

This spotlight on "loss of trust" and the huge commotion about this betrayal of trust by a handful of members of the group shows me just how much the greater general public plus all officials alike have come to take for granted. That over the years our profession HAS built up that perception of trust - by working together with that intent as a group.

So, do I want to work on my own with just my intent set on my vision, my purpose for my life – or do I want to work with a group, who all together set their intent on a common Vision, a common purpose - and who lead by example in showing the way, in setting the pace?

It's a no brainer, isn't it? :)

With all my love - and a groupie for life! :)

Southerly Stalker