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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

The Theme for this month is: Working alone vs in a group however this lifetime I have always worked in a group, in one way or another, save the instances when I allowed my egotism to surface. At those particular instances I felt miserable and unproductive to say the least, a lot of noise and disharmony due to the separativeness.

As we all know, expressed in holistic terms, in order the individual to flourish and prosper, the group also flourish and prosper and vice versa because of the interrelationship of life. In simple terms, my survival depends on the survival of the group.


I had an idea for quite some time to develop a product. Last year, at our company conference, we as a group decided to go for this project. Here, I may add that we work not just as a company but as a group, according to the universal laws. So after the decision was taken, there were many stages that we had to go through in order our idea to be materialized.

Initially a working prototype needed to be developed. Then we had to go to a preparation stage for a crowd-funding campaign. All of us contributed during the process and also of making the video. At the crowd-funding stage we all have been working together, so we won the campaign. After that there were few stages of the actual making of the device and now we are at the stage when the actual production of the device will be over within two weeks.

In this project, I took the leading part and for me the important thing was to keep the focus and at the same time to be in touch with my feelings and those of the group, so that everything to fall timely in its place as a piece of music. This gave me a sense of creativity that was called forth at many moments in the flow of the project.

I could say working in a group is like symphony that we all play together – the feeling of harmony and coherence stands out.

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