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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

'It is only man's separative ways and thinking that has led you to believe that it is possible to draw such a line. But this is an illusion. Because there is only One Life, and because ALL of life is THOROUGHLY interrelated, interactive and therefore interdependent, we CANNOT draw a line and say, "This is for me, and that is for you!" However, this also does NOT mean that you should give unto those that are either too lazy, or too apathetic to help themselves! No. Remember the rule of the hunt at all times, for this is a prime universal law, and as Christ Himself stated, "To them that have shall be given, and from them that have not shall be taken even the little they do have!"

But in everything you do as a community, remember ALWAYS that your own survival depends upon the survival of those around you. So support them that, like you, wish to fight for their lives, but pay no attention to the helpless "victims" of power! Allow power to sort out those that still NEED to learn the lesson concerning the rule of the hunt! They, like all of us, have been given the teachings, if not the Toltec teachings, then nevertheless the teachings in some other form, and they like all of us, have seen the writing on the wall. Now they must walk their talk, just as we all have to walk our talk, and they have to take the consequences of their actions just as we have to take the consequences of our actions.
And now you may rightfully ask, "But, Théun, have you not just done what you said cannot be done, or should not be done, namely, drawing a line between "them" and "us?"'

And this is my response.

No. It is not ME that has drawn this line. Instead it is those of our brothers and sisters who REFUSE inclusiveness and who FAVOUR instead separativeness, that has caused this rift between us, a rift that was never meant to be. But I cannot be held responsible for the actions of my brothers, any more than you can. I can only be responsible for my own actions. Our brothers and sisters KNOW what they NEED to do, IF they so wish. And IF they take the steps they NEED to take they also KNOW that they will find our doors open to them. But not before. Christ pointed out VERY clearly, "Knock! And the door will be opened. Seek, and you shall find!" But He did not say, "Demand to have Life on your own terms and it shall be granted!" No.

When I shared with you all, within context of the theme about strength within diversity, that it felt like the right time for us to start working as a group, one of the issues that I had to deal with had to do with the line Théun is describing above.

In other words, I knew within my heart of hearts that the time for me had come to stop working on an individual basis here in the L.R. and to start working as a group. However, I also realised that I had to be really careful in order not to create separateness among us. This dilemma made me ponder for quite sometime and it is the main reason why it took me a while before I posted here the Direction for the group.

How would I end up respecting EVERY LR participant’s space, irrespective of whether he/she expressed a willingness to be a part of the group? How would I make certain that there wouldn’t manifest any discriminating against? How could we all be sure that we wouldn’t be excluding anyone from being or from be-coming a full member of the Toltec Legacy?

I have to admit that I spent quite sometime pondering on the above questions as well as on a few more questions along those lines. And in all honesty I was not coming up with answers that were satisfying me on a feeling level.

Then, at some point I was going through volume IV, looking for something that, appeared to be irrelevant to the above. And for the hundredth time, I read Théun’s warning that the difficulty of this Path has to do with its utter simplicity. At that moment I FELT that this WAS INDEED the case with my challenge regarding the offering of direction here.

So, I stopped and I tried to view the challenge from a different perspective. Where or rather HOW was I complicating things?

It did not take me long to realise that I had placed the focus on the negative. I had been pondering on how to AVOID this and avoid that and then avoid the other thing as well. Though it IS a good idea for one to be aware of the negative connotations in a challenge, it is not the best approach possible to tackle the challenge from the point of view of what needs to be avoided. It is far more constructive to use what needs to be ACCOMPLISHED as a point of reference. But, like the crowd that was gathered in front of the Master, I had been assuming that the divine will was about the "tortures of hell itself"! LOL.

Once I got there, the rest of the direction posting almost "wrote itself". It was going to be that "In the path of your happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime". We'd be setting out to lead by example and to demonstrate in action what's in it for us (and consequently for every-one) to be LIVING the teachings. And, at least to me, this is far more powerful when done within context of a group consensus.

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