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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

One of the biggest strengths of a hunter is not to be hooked on the outcome. It gives such a freedom of expression while retaining full focus of personal power in the moment. And since the hunter trusts his ability to hunt, he does not frantically clings to his world and thus does not exhaust it.

It is impossible to work, work, work and to remain sane and healthy. But then many of `the fancy activities that I used to enjoy such as rock climbing, downhill skiing, mountaineering do require to work hard to keep doing it and one can brake some part of the body in the process, LOL! So I discovered that running in winter forested mountains around my city let my body enjoy the energy flowing through it while my mind relaxes into the beauty and fast pace of the challenging terrain.

So when I am flat tired with mental exhaustion and my body and mind just go into hibernation mode, I let them do it. But then at the bottom of tired "rest" there is a spark of restless movement and when I focus on it I feel invigorated and my body wants to run and I let it. Shortly after that my mind joins the company and it "runs" too.

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