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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

'If you are truly feeling good about yourself, in the sense that you do believe you have value as a person, not in a conceited way, but in the sense of knowing from experience that you are a good male, or a good female, then you will be happy to show the rest of the world your true self. Being perfectly at peace with the way in which nature put you together, inwardly and outwardly, you will have about you an air of quiet confidence that is just as powerful as wearing a crown. Yet, that “crown” will be your own specialness, your uniqueness as an individual unit of that greater whole we term humanity.'

My example this month happened a few days ago when I went to visit a friends of I’s, M and her boyfriend P for Sunday afternoon tea. Normally from my side I have preferred not going to visit M, as I have found the conversations to be one sided and unpleasant in the past.

This Sunday however the conversation came around to a dream that I and M had just had together and their interpretations of the dream, and I was able to share a different perspective in actively working with this guidance, and the conversation led on from there regarding working with some practical tools like not doing, recapitulating and working with mirrors, much to everyone's interest :-).
Things soon evolved and I was then requested whether I would be prepared to provide a workshop for a few people regarding working with mirrors, and that this workshop will be announced to their network for anyone else who might be interested, to which I have agreed.

On reflecting on my journey of self discovery since finding the teachings, and gradually learning to detach from my behavior, it is quite easy to forget how far I have traveled in terms of how much work I have done on myself.

It is through claiming my value, that I have been able to accept this challenge, acknowledging that I do have something special to share with others. :-)

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