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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

"Life is a feeling, and not an intellectual exercise."

There is a choice: to live in an intellectual exercise or to live in feeling. The heart lives and breathes feelings. It is obvious and there is nothing intellectual about it, yet the thing is that we need certain “amount” of personal power to pay for this “accommodation” which is the heart. Once this is done, then there are the feelings and the emotions as an expression - there is sympathetic grasp of reality. In an intellectual exercise one is not in touch with reality.

So, the trick in living without an internal dialogue is to trust Life and live in the heart. I am not obsessed with my rational mind since I already acknowledged it that it is fine the way it is and I leave it to go wherever it wants to. The heart leads the way. The rational mind is left to catch up by itself and there is no need to bother with it.

The constant urge for security in the form side of life was the BUG in the system of my rational mind. So once the bug was out, the rational mind is really happy to follow.

When the dog is in the process of chasing the tail, the tail is always IN FRONT of its NOSE and the dog is obsessed with the tail. Once the dog realises that it is its tail then the dog stops chasing it and the tail goes behind where it actually always was and where the place of the tail is.


I was in conversation with my mother and N, the female I live with. There was a big uh-ha about cleaning. Since, we live in sort of a common place – the apartment I and N live is next door to the apartment my mother lives.

Initially, my mother started the conversation expressing how she is not happy about N and myself. I listened first and I talked some but my rational mind did not go upfront in trying to figure things out.

After some time, I provided a few solutions that were not accepted yet at least were listened. The situation is not resolved but there is a movement and I am fine to continue without any demands to be resolved NOW, NOW, NOW. For me the focus is on the inner movement and trusting Life and not to stop and get trapped in my rational mind. I had to only hold gently the tension and be patient and trust Life. My heart follows Life and my mind follows my heart.

And sure, now 2 days after from the initial conversation Life gave it’s guidance to everyone and there is New Harmony.

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