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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

"Life is a feeling, and not an intellectual exercise."

When I look at sales, I see that in some instances it is a very mundane endeavour, because the approach can be very structured, prescribed and it often boils down to repeating the same formula again and again. For me, I have the freedom to plan and organize my own day, and so, instead of having to adopt a rational approach, I can be guided by my feelings, and especially in terms of markets and approaches.

Through following my feelings I have been able to approach different areas where there are needs. In doing so I have learned about that market, about people and myself.

Something I have observed along the way is that in following my feelings, sometimes results in terms of sales materialise quite quickly. At other times the results are not so quick. Here it is often the case of learning more and digging deeper.

For example, I recently had the feeling to target a specific new market. I invested in this and I thought that results would come quickly. In the event, there were no immediate sales and I started to believe that this was the wrong market. Nonetheless I had to acknowledge the original feeling.

Staying with the feeling and what had happened, I began to realize that it was not necessarily the market that was wrong, but that the audience at this event was not the right one, as there were other people in the same market - independent operators whom I could approach instead.

Then I suddenly received an order from this original audience - a confirmation of my feeling that I should pursue this further. So the learning continues. :)