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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

“What is the difference between Acting As If and Not-Doing? There is essentially no difference. Not-Doing is to not do your normal doings, physical, emotional and mental. Acting As If is the conscious and willful changing of your normal doings. But in essence the two expressions are synonymous. We simply use the two different expressions to get across the NUANCES of true ACTION. In other words, people become DEAF, LOL, to the SAME expression being used over and over. So it helps to change the terminology whenever we can see that the other person is becoming deaf, and therefore re-enacting his or her folly mechanically! LOL!”

I am acting as if I am not overwhelmed! Lol!

For a while there I was becoming “deaf“ and “mechanical” about dealing with all I have called forth on my plate these recent days, weeks, months.

Power is ensuring that I am not destined at this time to “settle down” in any one physical space, it seems! For the past couple of months – and the months to come - I find myself moving somewhere new physically every two to three weeks! And this is across countries in Europe, not just towns or cities even. Fun!

There are times when my rational mind has been so full of permutations as to where I need to be and when, and how – and it has oft been an act of survival to be “conscious and wilfull” about shutting down this internal dialogue! LAMOF! I keep on shifting the focus to the new and the learning rather than the air ticket bookings, the accommodation bookings, the permutations of dates for each move, etc etc.

And my InBoxes are crammed with to dos and deadlines. Whew! Over-whelmed, I can be!

In the midst of my latest move within the same town yesterday, I just put everything aside and sat down and downloaded! Lol! I wrote down everything that needs doing and is cluttering up my mind – then I marked each one with an actual deadline and separated out those with self-imposed deadlines.

Now I am tackling the tasks one by one in order of importance and where I most feel I need to be impeccable.

Even though I still have a myriad of doings to tackle – oh, did I mention that this is NOT easy in a holiday city in the Northern Hemisphere in August where the seagulls wake up at 4 in the morning calling “Come to the beach”; where everywhere abounds with this call of “Come out to play! It is holiday time!”; where there is an open-air book festival that shouts “Read me! Read me!”; where the night is warm and embracing and the walks through a beautiful sea garden are fantabulous …. – I am will-fully acting as if I have all the time in the world to accomplish what could look like the “un-accomplish-able”!

As is often said in “Mission Impossible 67” or is it “76 “?, lol! when asked what the next move is, the reply is “I am working on that”! lolol!

My biggest not doing is not to put tasks above relationships, starting with mySelf! I am loving seeing my friends, the swims, the walks - and being back at yoga! I may even get to love booking air tickets for August (Greece) and September (Estonia) ! Lol!

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