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“Well, my friend, let me say it in this way to you. It is not the FORE-GIVING that constitutes a problem; it is the desire to FORE-GET, and thus the reaffirmation of a poor self-image. From this it follows that the answer to this dilemma is to FORE-GO all sense of self in pursuit of SELF, for to the self life is in the receiving from SELF, but to the SELF life is in the giving to self! Thus to FORE-GO means to live the humble life of the warrior. But what is such a life if it is not a monument to that self-respect born of the respect for SELF?”
(Extract from Toltec Legacy Study article “Forgiveness defined”)

“Sotiris, there is only ONE thing that you NEED to do right NOW! Start by LEARNING how to FORGIVE yourself for having been a failure in the eyes of both your father and your mother! And the way in which to tackle this is to say to yourself, “To HELL with this stupid self-image I have been trying to FIX for my whole life!” What is causing you embarrassment is the fact that even YOU find your self-image to be unacceptable, and therefore you are TERRIFIED that others will see it for what it is! And what is causing you remorse is the fact that YOU believe you have failed both your father and your mother! But you know what? The REAL source of embarrassment in you is that you are HOLDING ONTO your rather miserable self-image when you KNOW that it is NOT serving you! And your REAL sense of remorse comes from KNOWING that you are UNDERMINING yourself by holding ONTO the belief of being a good-for-nothing failure!”
(extract from personal guidance I received from Théun regarding learning to discriminate between embarrassment and remorse within context of Forgiveness)

In the extract of the personal guidance that I am sharing above, at the very beginning it says “Sotiris” and not “Sotirios”. This is NOT a typo that I made when I wrote those lines just now and it certainly is NOT a typo that Théun made when he gave me the above guidance. It is how I introduced myself to him at the beginning of my apprenticeship. It is also the name that I had been using all my life by CHOICE, eventhough my birth certificate had the actual full name “Sotirios”. At first, it was the choice of my parents to address me with that name and later on it became a choice I adopted as well.

To cut a long story and to spare you the linguistics, “Sotiris” means absolutely nothing in Greek. On the contrary, “Sotirios” means “the one who saves”. Obviously, both my parents and me felt that my real name was “too much”. So, by demonstrating a very distorted, if not hypocritical, sense of (false) humility, since the very beginning of my life I managed to fight against the potential my Dreamer had set up for me.

Interesting isn’t it? Just look at the definition of forgiveness that Théun gives. Then look at the personalised guidance; with his very first word, “Sotiris”, Théun is describing the entire process of forgiveness! LOL. Of course he did not know that per se, as he did not speak Greek. But as a seer, he “saw” the entire process in me and proceeded to describe it to me in no uncertain terms.

Eventhough the above guidance was of a life changing nature for me and eventhough I worked with it with a lot of zeal and eventhough I did have the sense that forgiving myself was an act of survival, as my illness had just appeared at that point, it took me another two and a half years to manage to feel at least as good about myself so as to claim my full name, Sotirios.

During that time, I know now, that on a feeling level I was aware of the fact that by embarking upon the Warrior’s Path, I needed to do so with my full potential, as that potential was being depicted in my name. Nevertheless, I was experiencing a particular type of GUILT whenever I contemplated abandoning Sotiris for Sotirios. This guilt was like trying to drive with the handbrake on! Many, MANY years later I was able to pinpoint the origin of this guilt and see Théun’s guidance: “And your REAL sense of remorse comes from KNOWING that you are UNDERMINING yourself by holding ONTO the belief of being a good-for-nothing failure!” for what it was. How?

I was participating in an ISM course when I came across the concept of F.L.O.P. (acronym for Fundamental Life Operating Principle). It did not take me long to connect the dots between the above personal guidance and the concept of FLOP in order to realise that my own FLOP was:
“I am unworthy because I am incompetent”
It had been a true “Eureka!” moment for me, when so many things about my life came together and made perfect sense.

To be very honest with you, the process of FORGIVENESS that Théun is describing above is still ongoing. The more I work with his guidance, the more layers I discover!