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“Celebration is about finding beauty, shifting the focus to the dance and music itself rather than winning the competition, expressing joy of partaking in our adventure.”

I had not driven car since 2010. There was no need since I was living for years in different countries and once I came back to my home city 4 years ago I still did not need to drive a car.

However, although I still do not need to drive in my home city as I live in the center and I do not go to work (working from home), I decided that I would like to explore my country and to travel a bit. In order to have freedom at it I needed a car – so I bought one.

So, I went for 8 days on a journey in the mountains together with my girlfriend N. It was a lovely journey and we visited 4 different places.

I enjoyed very much the beauty and the silence of the mountain and the forests.

There was a mountain peak that I wanted to go to. Usually the expression is: to conquer a mountain peak. But I do not like this and I used my expression of this process: to befriend a mountain peak. So, when I was climbing to the peak with every step I felt gratitude and joy. Once on the peak, I stayed for some time to share in silence our presence - the peak and my one. It was very humbling and beautiful.

I found this experience most fitting for a celebration.

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