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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

“Celebration is about finding beauty, shifting the focus to the dance and music itself rather than winning the competition, expressing joy of partaking in our adventure.”

Recently I have had the opportunity to celebrate a journey of 10 years in a most wonderful and magical way.

Suddenly, and through a combination of seemingly chance events, a new doorway opened, with glimpses, far on the distant horizon, of beauty and potential. As I stepped through the portal, I saw people eager to learn more about the opportunities for self-sufficiency and healing.

As I greeted and spoke to some of these people, I realized, from the questions they were asking, and the difference in their approaches, that this was an opportunity for me to re-spect the journey of the past 10 years. A chance to re-evaluate, as well as to give myself credit for the many steps that I and we had taken.

So instead of just answering questions and focusing on meeting needs, I use these as a springboard to claim the gifts of my journey so far. And in doing this, I celebrate the whole of my journey - the journey past, and the journey that is under my feet, in the now.