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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

Last Friday*** afternoon, a process started for me. I was sitting and enjoying myself after a good job of cleaning and re-ordering was done in the apartment I live together with N, my girlfriend. So all of a sudden, a cutting deep pain started in the area of my kidney. The pain was very sharp and excruciating…but …little did I know that it was only the tip of the iceberg. The following days, my perception of excruciating pain got very enriched. LOL! Basically, one little stone got out from my kidney and started its journey to the outside world.

So, I have been shifting the focus on a daily basis as an act of survival. What had worked one day, did not work the day after…. In the process, there are plenty of gifts and is still going.

However, watching closely what I am learning in this process, I noticed how I do enjoy the time when N, my mother and I have a dinner together. The apartment we live is next to my mother’s apartment and we do see each other every day but we do not eat together every day. And of course, there is a constant tension between N and my mother that impacts me. This tension is rather natural and it should be used constructively. As Man of Action I am constantly between the Mother and the Female and I work with this tension.

So I see how having dinner together everyday in the last 6 days created warm family atmosphere and there is no pettiness. I am planning from now on having dinner or lunch together to be as much often as possible.

Man of Action

*** The interesting thing was that it was on the birthday of my father (my father passed away almost 4 years ago) that the pain started.