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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

"Time and time again a nagal will ask apprentices what it is they have learned, and whether they have given themselves credit for having accomplished that much, but every time this is done the apprentice concerned will look at the nagal as if he is mad. However, the bottom line in all such behaviour is the fact that in the apprentice's mind he has not yet reached his goal, and therefore how can anything he is doing right now possibly be of any value at all?"

This has become my daily morning mantra. I wake up and regardless of how crazy urgent need is for me to run and put out some "fire" at work I do a simple morning physical exercise routine. At first, it was very hard to do. As soon as I wake up there was some urge to do something and in a split second I was fully immersed in some task.

Now, after ISM Retreat in Greece, I started to build inside a new conscious method of breaking out from the loop. That is when I am in the MOST pressing moment, the moment when I wake and go in my mind through the impossible TO-DO list for the day, I do an opposite thing and I start stretching my arms, back, doing pushups and other anti-TO-DO things! LMAO!

Apart from doing a good thing for my body, I feel I am gaining a measure of freedom from getting THERE, accomplishing some-THING. I still DO the doings, go to my office and tick box after box on my to-do. But this time I am aware that I have the freedom of stopping at ANY point in time and shift the focus and ask myself "What is going on here?"

The more I am able to do this, the more I am able to stay sane under pressure that would crush me earlier. I am sitting in my office and getting ready for a presentation on treating cerebral palsy, autism with coMra-Therapy tomorrow. These conditions is a HUGELY difficult topic to discuss with parents as they tried "everything" under the sun. And we've invited families, doctors, TV crew, journalists. At the same time we are entering a legal battle with some people who would like our centre to shut down. And yet I realise that I must do my impeccable best and let Power to take over. For me this realisation and being able to stay in this feeling is a huge achievement even if tomorrow goes sideways, LOL!

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