Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON from Family Posts

  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

"The stalker, knowing that life is a feeling, stalks his feelings in order to grasp the mystery of beingness. To stalk one’s feelings entails stalking the act of perception."

I put myself on a diet!

A diet from social media, and in particular, Twitter. I need and like to keep up to date with current affairs and this medium gives me a fast track to spend as little time as is possible scanning the news.

Now I don’t know if it is just in my country where we go to the polls in a few short months, but the hate and the vitriol that is currently being spewed forth on Twitter these days has at times just left me thoroughly depressed! So I had a break up with my mobile lol, especially late at night when I set my alarm but don’t want to get sucked into checking posts and notifications and tagging.

On Christmas Eve, just about midnight, I picked up my phone to set the alarm for more family festivities the next day and my curfew was very definitely in place as I could feel the pull to start sending Christmas wishes around the world.

Something inside me said I needed to check Facebook! I did some mental gymnastics with myself for a short few seconds, trying to work out if this was my saboteur, or not. As my impulses have not been so much Facebook related, I decided to trust my gut in this instance, and so into FB I went!

Confirmation came thick and fast!

One of my siblings was busy posting a deluge of posts to her kids and grandkids, and the world for that matter, announcing her engagement and undying love for her new fiancé, some very young fellow with whom she has been writing poetry on the internet!!! It was clear to me that she was not in her right mind and that left to germinate as such posts do, a LOT of damage control was going to be needed come Christmas morning - if the posts were left on FB!

Her phone was off, so what to do in the early hours of Christmas morning!? The feeling that surfaced for me was that I needed to hunt down her daughter in Australia !! - and she could then try and rouse her siblings or friends in her home town where my sibling lives, some 1600 kms from me.

In short, between the two of us we eventually got the posts deleted by about 4am, and it was a very unhappy group of kids who spent Christmas Day trying to come to terms with Mama’s weird behaviour. The young fellow in question knew nothing about his looming nuptials and or mighty potential to becoming my new brother in law! Lol!

Whilst we explore the possible avenues for some mental health support for sibling dear, I am just so grateful I followed my feelings that night, even though to all intents and purposes I was being "unimpeccable" by logging into FB!

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