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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

“The importance of being Real.

This is exactly why Toltecs maintain that STRENGTH lies within DIVERSITY, that is, the strength of the One Life lies within the unique contribution which each one of us makes by virtue of the fact that we are who and what we are. :) So, my friend, you and I will never be the same, simply because you and I CAN never be the same, for if we were the same neither you nor I would any longer be unique. But, TOGETHER, you and I, you with your gifts, and I with my gifts, CAN make a formidable team! :) Now if you and I can make a formidable team, then just imagine what a team all men and women COULD be if only people would drop their pettiness and become REAL, for unless we become real we are forever playing games, we are forever pretending to be someone and something which we are not. :)”

Yesterday I was invited to do an interview at a radio station at mid-day, and in the afternoon I was to give a talk at the same address where the Holistic centre is located. On the way there I ended up getting caught up in a traffic jam twice due to road repairs and road maintenance, and gosh how the saying “Life happens while you are making other plans” came into effect. LOL
Instead of stressing about being whether I would arrive on time, I phoned the organiser of the show and mentioned that I would in all likelihood be arriving 30 min after the show started, and whether this would be acceptable. I was then informed that this would be fine, and that I was to get there when I could. :-)

On the journey to the interview, I had time to reflect and was able to connect that I didn’t want to arrive at the interview stressed, and my communication assisted me to to be real with myself and then to shift the focus, dropping any expectations.

As it turned out, instead of talking about relationships which is what I thought we would be doing, to start with I was able to share part of my journey and what I was doing in Chile in a business capacity, and it was only after the interview was over where I “mentioned”, that I had thought we would be talking about a different subject explaining what my intentions were (laying out my cards so to speak), was I then requested to stay on air for the following section of her show to share some of my journey regarding my/our explorations over the last few years regarding relationships.
Had I not expressed myself, one hour interview would not have extended itself to the almost 2 hours it was, which was then over before I knew it. :-)

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