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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

When I act from the heart, I am being real since I am in touch with the Self. In my experience of Life, the personality cannot be real regardless how good it is.

In the daily life, there are plenty of challenges that check how awake we are. The little pebbles are those that turn the cart, so I am vigilant for those.

I would like to write here about two of those little pebbles: pettiness and judging. I see them as two sides of the same coin. In my experience, if I submit to pettiness or start judging then I am far from being real and I am in my head. In order not to be in my head, I have to maintain a certain mood.

I am currently in Bali with my girlfriend where I am renting a villa. The landlady has 3 villas that share 1 pool and it is situated in the garden of the villa we are renting. Everyone from the adjacent villas which belong to the same landlady, can use the pool but not during the night.

The other night we got awoken from noise in our garden. I went out to check and saw one of the two girls next door with a man who she obviously invited, frolicking in the pool and making loud noises. So, I just went out and sat in the gazebo next to the pool that belongs to the villa I am renting. I did not get into any conflict with the girl and the man but sat quietly and they got out in few minutes.

The next day as we talked this over with my girlfriend, she shared that she was a bit upset since she also got awoken. I said yes, I can do something about it but for me it is important though not to allow this to upset us or to judge them as they are quite young (in their late teens or early twenties), so it is understandable. And it is important to not get petty and start judging them and to be careful with our mood or so to say, not to let to become upset by something that is outside of us and we do not have control over. Yet, I could not allow dis-respectful behavior. However, for me it was really important the mood I set before entering in any action/battle.

The next day we came late to the villa after a dinner and we saw that in our garden the lights were off. Then we saw that the girl was in the pool again plus another man was hanging out in the gazebo. I did not allow to get up-set although I was surprised to see him there. So, gently and firmly I asked him to turn the lights on and to leave the gazebo (it is not a shared space) as I was intending to come and sit outside just now, which I do every night anyway before I get to bed. So, I came back and sat, I looked at them and they left.

After that they have not come again. However, for me the most important thing is how I handled those two little challenges. First, by being clear that I can only control myself and not the other people and then by working on my mood to be always such so that it is conductive to me being real. And in this way, I avoided the trap of start judging and or becoming petty.

Well, I had to be also very vigilant to my shortcoming that is domineering since it tends to become very territorial. LOL So, a mood of fine balance was/is required.

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