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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

“It should now be clear what is truly meant by listening to the heart for, in the final analysis, listening to the heart is the act of true thinking, as opposed to the rationalisations born of internal dialogue."

Inspiration is expressed via true thinking. And I don’t mean some huge lofty ideas but how this inspiration from true thinking moulds the little things in daily life.

For myself, it revolves around action. Through true action I am in silence and in true thinking mode. The action merges with awareness and everything flows naturally.

It is easily done when the action has a clear goal and an obvious feedback – this is how I maintain this state of being. And every little action can be a door to this state:
Walking, washing, cutting, sitting, listening…etc. All it requires is to begin with some pause (attention) and patience. It is even more enhanced when the activity is creative work.

For the last 30 days, I am in Indonesia. As I was walking with N., my girlfriend, I saw a master wood carver doing masks. He was offering some lessons too. Instantly, following my feeling, I decided I will go for wood carving lessons, so after few days I started. I took some lessons the next few weeks. It happened that I have natural talent and for the next 2 weeks I carved 1 mask and 1 statue together with the master wood carver, K. I. Then I decided to buy some tools and to practice on my own – the experience was far more fruitful than I imagined and the mask I did on my own came out to be very beautiful and fine.

However, through wood carving I reached effordlessly the state of inner silence where my heart guides me – that is why the mask became so good. It’s a lovely experience. Everything falls into silence and coherence. During and after that I feel so refreshed and charged with inner knowing.

Man of Action