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True Thinking

Excerpt from Volume IV page 150:
"Once an apprentice is in contact with his heart true thinking becomes possible, for instead of rationalising about everything, which invariably ends up in circling thought, or internal dialogue, the apprentice now perceives the world and life in terms of feeling. Such feeling is always registered as an instantaneous knowing with every fibre of one’s being. "

I am currently working with a challenge which is related to the renewal of my local ID card, which is in the process of being renewed (as I am waiting for the foreign affairs department to send me documents) and as a result my local ID has expired, while at the same time I am in the process of registering a new company, and the registration process requires for me to sign the company policy documents at a Notary’s office who is then able to register the company at the registrar’s office.
Normally this wouldn’t be possible without a valid ID, and for no reason I could explain I decided to go to the Notary’s office, taking my passport with me based on a feeling :-)
When I arrived I greeted the lady and explained my requirements where she then informed me that without my ID card I could not proceed, and I then explained my renewal process challenge (in detail <g>). She mentioned that if I would like to return later once her manager had come back from her lunch, that she would enquire with her manager to see if there was anything else they might do, but that I mustn’t get my hopes up.

I stayed with my feelings and returned later, where I was then informed that if I scanned my passport and uploaded this into the application system for registering companies, then they would be able verify my passport against the scanned document, which would allow them to proceed and register the company, which together with my office manager we were able to do. :-)

I had already received feedback during the process that I wouldn’t be able to proceed, so it was easy for my mind to provide a “concerned” commentary which I already knew and decided to suspend, opting for exploring a different possibility.

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