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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

“It should now be clear what is truly meant by listening to the heart for, in the final analysis, listening to the heart is the act of true thinking, as opposed to the rationalisations born of internal dialogue.”

I truly feel that the theme for this month is the next, rather inevitable step, from the theme of the previous one. And, in a way, those of you who participate in the ISM forum have had the opportunity to experience that.

I’d like to approach this theme from the point of view of its relationship to the concept of not-doing. The reason I believe is obvious: When we are caught in our usual doings and we manifest our life-long patterns as per usual, being in touch with our hearts in order to experience true thinking is extremely difficult, if at all possible. Another reason is that the technique of not doing brings forth the ATTRIBUTE of warriorship we know as STRENGTH.

I have shared many times in the past that the main not-doing that Théun gave me, when we first met, was to place myself in the centre of attention, as opposed to seeking attention. One of the practical differences between the two, is a more “relaxed” approach from my part. I have registered that, in this way, I tend to feel better about myself, to feel more confident and more in touch with my sense of HUMOUR, which I feel is one of my strengths. And it is indeed a more subtle sense of humour; while in the past, and within context of attention seeking, I had a more “vulgar” approach to humour, mainly via sharing dirty jokes. (BTW, I know now that by sharing those jokes, I did not really feel that good about myself, nevertheless I was after the attention they brought me and I was choosing to perceive people’s laughter as approval for my extremely low self-image.)

So, a couple of days ago, I found myself in court, in order to file a law suit on child support. I went there quite early in the morning, around eight, in order to avoid the long queues that appear later in the day. However, and eventhough there were not that many lawyers present, I came across a certain mood, that had affected everyone present, both lawyers and court clerks. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon during the last few years to come across that type of mood here in Greece. All it takes is one person to wake up in the morning feeling grumpy and voila! Everywhere he/she goes grumpiness becomes the prevailing mood, LOL.

The moment I came across this mood, I felt I just had to place myself in the centre of attention. The question was HOW? In what way could/would I change the overall mood around me and create something that felt good and was life supportive?

I did not have to sit and think for a long time. The combination of the not-doing together with my will to reverse the mood around me, made ideas and thoughts coming forth unbiased. I started joking about our situation in a way of trying to make the people around me see the folly and quit taking it so seriously.

The females that were present were the first to take my lead. I could feel their mood change almost instantly! And it wasn’t long before everyone there acquired a completely different approach; some were even returning the jokes!

It may not seem like much, nevertheless, I am certain that each and everyone of the people present had a completely different day than would otherwise have had. And if we count the ripple effect of life, how many people they influenced in their turn, one may only stand in awe while contemplating how life supportive true thinking is!