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  • Edge, the, living on, versus living in uncertainty

“To live on the edge means that you are WILLING to take your CHANCES no matter what the RISKS involved may be! This does NOT mean that the warrior is CARE-LESS; on the contrary, the warrior CARES so very MUCH about what is important to him that he will go to ANY lengths to materialise what is important for him. And what is important for the warrior? It is to live his or her life WITHOUT REGRETS! “

As I am preparing to head to Europe for a few weeks and also to do some work in Europe after this, my next steps are to establish myself in Europe, and after living here in Chile for a number of years there is a fair amount of inner turmoil regarding making the changes after having established a business and relationships etcetera etcetera, blah, blah <g>

This turmoil has led to a fair amount of recapitulation which is guiding me to establishing the connections and systems that will help me detach from my life here for the next stage in my journey.

To add to this I also have my experiences of having made life changes a couple of times before, and this is helping to provide the grounding and clarity for these decisions even though I can’t say where I will end or what exactly I might be doing there. LOL

I have had a further reminder of this concept a few days ago, when I received a call from my older brother letting me know that he received his own wake up call from life recently, where he had what I would term as a mini stroke, experiencing temporary paralysis on his right hand side, and after undergoing the relevant tests was given a clean bill of health.

The conversation then progressed possible similar cases in our family history, and it was at this point I became aware that I was getting caught up in his social conditioning regarding genetics etc., so I shifted focus and teased him a little by informing him that we have an amazing medical technology (which he has already heard many times :-)) which can help him, and also guided him to consider yoga with the intention of placing his thoughts towards finding solutions that are within his capacity to act upon, rather than to validate that this his condition was out of his control.

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