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  • Intelligent Co-operation, ARTICLE ON

“A government and the people are one, just as male and female are one, and it is this interrelationship between government and people, between male and female, that determines the interaction and interdependence termed intelligent co-operation within the process of life.”

One aspect of intelligent co-operation that I have been working with recently concerns the balance between over-delegation and over-management. This has been coming up with a project of renovating a house and co-operating with the various people engaged in this project.

There is a lot of room for assumptions and differing pictures in such a project, so I have learned to research possibilities, so that I am clear on what the options are, and then to discuss these with the team, gain their input, and establish what would be the best approach and solution. This is quite easy in areas where I have some knowledge, but when I am lacking in knowledge learning what is needed takes time, and so it appears easier to delegate to the expert.

For example, I recently decided to have irrigation installed for the garden. Irrigation systems are a new area for me, and so I left the implementation of this project in the hands of the contractor. When I started using the system I discovered that it was using far more water than I had anticipated, and that I had not planned for enough rainwater storage tanks.

I then investigated the options for using less water in the system and also including additional tanks for catching rain. I explored all these options with the contractor, and together we arrived at a cost-effective and practical way forward.

In this process of co-operating I gained new knowledge, and also helped build a relationship that will continue as other aspects of the garden take shape.